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by John Langland     August 28, 2007    
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Not even close to as good as previously advertised

Program Review

Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Rotated here based on reviews. PD: Kuivila is very ecstatic. Recent Chair: Mont just left. Faculty seem nice and interested in teaching. Number of faculty have research fellows, including Mont. Mont has strong nepotism where he hires carribean grads for 2 years of slave labor then slips them a residency spot(atleast the case for past 2 years seems to be). Other fellows are just abused for cheap labor and pumping out papers while dangling residency in front of them...just seemed unethical to say the least.
Didactics / Teaching
Good Didactics on Tuesdays. Seemed to be nothing special contrary to the other reviews.
Operating Experience
Perhaps the other medical students rotated at a different program or falsely inflated their reviews. Imagine a program with 7 joints fellows, 3 hand fellows (only 2 ortho attendings) , 6 spine fellows, 1 shoulder fellow, 3 sports fellows and each and every attending having a PA. I don’t see any scenario where the residents are first assist. This was the case residents scrubbed with the fellow, attending, and PA. Residents do get good at closing though. Interns and 2s are on floors. I wouldnt trust them to operate on an enemy to say the least.
Clinic Experience
Residents are active in clinic. See their patients (parallel to the fellows) and present to attending. Good clinical since high volume clinics. A bit of a drive since clinics can be all around the city at the various regional offices and hospitals
Research Opportunities
Plenty and abundant if utilized. They are building their own registry which seemed neat.
Some great, others were awkward and cynical. It seemed the nice ones get abused by the others with extra call and work.
Great but you lose out on becoming a good surgeon. The hospital is level 2 or 3. So no trauma, random meaningless ER consults fill the call. My time on call was either nothing going on or random bursitis or minor closed fractures. All the real stuff goes to either Metro or UH
Location / Housing
Affordable living but it’s still Cleveland....nothing else need be said.
Operative experience....especially general and bread/butter call or trauma. The UH program owns trauma in the city and even when CCF rotates at Metro they are juniors ( they rotate as PGY1-3 under the UH chiefs at Metro who do the real operating). I would avoid if any wish for trauma or learning general Ortho.

Joints seems strong and a lot of residents go that route but fellows will dominate regardless.

Some cynical residents who are trying to avoid work like the plague.

Lots of Nepotism and under the table residency dealings. See Monts ad on orthogate.

One of the chiefs mentioned getting last pick for Fellowship. Admit others get top choices as well.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Poor...definetly not a top program contrary to other reviews.

Great research and some good enthusiastic fellows.

Almost no general or trauma experience. Specialties are flooded with fellows so get ready to fight for cases.

Unethical and nepotism with chair on residency selections


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