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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Dr. Mayerson (PD) is one of the nicest guys I've ever met in my life. Great advocate for the residents. Dr. Calhoun (chair) is a great addition to the program. He has really made a lot of positive changes since coming in and has a vision for where he wants the program to be.<br />
The trauma faculty are young and energetic. The hand faculty and the hand service in general is a strength of this program.
Didactics / Teaching
Needs some work, but overall it isn't that bad. I heard it used to be horrible but it was on par w/ other programs i rotated at. There is daily fracture "conferences" every morning on trauma where they discuss what came in last night but do have an official fracture conference once a week. Also have a whole morning dedicated to lectures once a week. Journal club once a month (very typical).
Operating Experience
Great. Residents operate early and lots. I spent two weeks on trauma and two weeks on hand and the 2nd year was doing the cases on trauma. The senior was comfortable w/ just about every case we did so was always walking the 2nd year through everything. On hand i was w/ a 3rd year and the cases were his.
Clinic Experience
Clinic is clinic. Lots of PAs (about 3 on trauma) to help out.
Research Opportunities
Has dramatically increased since Dr. Calhoun came in. The opportunities were always there but Dr. Calhoun is really pushing for more scholarly work from his residents. They also have the research track and you have opportunities in anything you want (lab, biomechanics, clinical, epidemiological studies). Dr. Mayerson says if you can develop a worthy project you can basically do anything you'd like (gave the example of spending the year in Africa to do an epidemiological study).
Definitely a strength of the program. If you interview there, you'll realize this at the pre-interview social. The residents are a great bunch and one of the main reasons i want to be here.
You're busy but don't really get slammed. Intern year is great compared to other programs. Second year you have 2 months of night float and then your senior years are GREAT (basically operate and go home).
Location / Housing
Columbus is a college town so there's tons to do. The suburbs around it are great and are a very easy commute. Im looking for family friendly areas and have no problem finding them w/in reasonable distance. Traffic is not an issue in Columbus.
They were put on probation early last year but have a site visit coming up in March. They are very confident they will be taken off probation. Its Ohio State University, they wont let their program go down. Since being put on probation the chair has gotten a lot of negotiating power w/ the university and has been able to address a lot of the issues. They basically got dinged on their spine and joints services. Joints is taken care of now and the new attendings are great (3 joints guys). Spine is still an issue but they do have a new spine guy so not sure how long that will be a problem. The university is throwing lots of money at this program so they are really headed in the right direction.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Great experience. Definitely recommend the program and it will be my top choice.


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