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Grandview Orthopedics
(Updated: October 23, 2007)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Wide variety of personalities, however, all enthusiastic about teaching. All acknowledge and appreciate everyone assisting in the operating room, lending to a great learning environment. Inquisitive, enthusiastic students are asked questions when facilitate further self learning of orthopedics and later discussion.
Didactics / Teaching
One of its strongest suits, which includes X-ray readings daily before lectures beginning at 6 am. There are additional lectures on some afternoons, anatomic approaches lectures based on prosections done in the bioskills lab, and monthly Journal review dinners. There is also required meetings Fridays for residents between all osteopathic orthopedic residencies in Ohio.
Operating Experience
Incredible operating environment where common community pathology are the majority of the cases seen and the latest techniques are performed. Some trauma is also encountered, however, separate trauma rotations are set in Indianapolis, IN, and Tampa, FL. The great majority of cases occur at the Grandview Hospital and Medical Center in Dayton, however some also are performed at facilities nearby. Operating room staff is incredibly respectful and professional to all.
Clinic Experience
As a part of an attending, resident, and student team, this affords the opportunity to see patients in clinic at least twice a week. There are two offices, the south office being a newly built facility that includes an incredible rehab unit. To imagine the size, the unit also utilizes a half court basketball area! In the fall, there is also a Saturday Sports clinic for local high school athletes.
Research Opportunities
Known to have a strong emphasis in research, this program consistently produces many projects, posters, and papers. A program administrator assists in ensuring that these endeavors are presented very impressively and professionally. As an aside, I had the opportunity of see a group of posters ready for presentation in a recent conference and could not believe how well-organized and polished these turned out.
The residents are extremely knowledgeable in the field of orthopedics. They have also encourage oncoming medical students to work along with their attendings every week which forms a well organized team that fosters learning well. The residents have a relaxed comradery among each other and push each one to learn and understand as much as possible. Residents begin to perform simple operations as early as interns and are more than prepared to perform many procedures before their senior year.
Residents all appear more than happy with the program. Days begin with rounds before 6 am, then x-ray reading and lecture after 6 am. Clinic or Cases then usually begin about shortly. Most are married and some with children. For students, housing is provided free of charge in a local hotel (for now) or with residents for a small monthly fee.
Location / Housing
Although at first glance, Dayton does not appear to be a booming city, a closer look reveals that the area generally provides everything a person can ask for wrapped in its own personal charm. The area has an extremely low cost of living (coupled with an extremely competitive salary paid by the program.) The area is also close to many large cities, has several minor league/college teams to follow, art, history, and a family friendly atmosphere. The area around the hospital is considered somewhat dangerous, however, had not been a problem to me in any way, has improved, and will continue to improve with increased patrolling of local police and programs integrated by the hospital.
the only limitations that I could percieve are the paucity of research experiences available and/or location. But, I am not really looking for a very research heavy program and I love outdoor activities so this place will rank highly.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I fully enjoyed my student rotation experience and living in this area. I first heard of the great quality orthopedic surgeons from this program while rotating through the Florida Orthopedic Institute in Tampa, FL. While there, I worked extremely hard and this paid off greatly in terms of building my orthopedic education. For this reason I recommend this rotation because for whatever I put in, they more than met my expectations about what I should get out. The program from top to bottom emphasizes professionalism and organization. Not only did they encourage that I asked questions, but also appreciated my curiosity. Because of my experience here, I can state in full confidence that residency here will provide consistently top notch education, operating room time, and opportunities to participate in research, resulting in well-trained, polished orthopedic surgeons.


I rotated as a medical student at this program
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March 2007 and October 2007
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