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Grandview Orthopedics
(Updated: January 30, 2013)
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Many of the staff surgeons are good. Dr. Bamberger is the program director - he is highly respected in the orthopedics world and has a fine reputation among fellow surgeons, however I did not get to experience these qualities, he seemed pretentious and self important to me. Dr. Harmon - hand surgeon and is poised to take over the program in the next few years, he was excellent to work with and loves to teach. Drs Treciak and Urse are very enjoyable, easy going and eager to teach.
Didactics / Teaching
This will vary year to year as the official didactic lectures are senior resident driven. I found them to be decent, but not overwhelmingly impressive.
Operating Experience
Variable based on case load for the week. While I was there, one of the major attendings was out of town and another was refusing to operate at GV because of a disagreement over scheduling. Cases at Grandview were heavily sports based(scopes and ACL repairs) and did not offer much variety. Southview cases are more evenly distributed among sub-specialties.<br />
Senior residents would frequently bump junior residents in the middle of cases, and there were often residents observing due to low case loads.
Clinic Experience
The best part of the program. The program is heavy on clinic hours, but you learn a lot during them.
Research Opportunities
There is a research requirement for residents.
Did not seem to be a very cohesive group. There was a lot of squabbling among senior residents.
Pretty much all home call except for your 4.5 months as an R2 at Harborview. Harborview ER can be busy as the R2, but you learn a tremendous amount about fracture care and efficiency. Its funny because I didn't even realize that Harborview was known for trauma when I matched (didn't rotate here) but its probably one of the best hospitals Ive ever worked at, and definitely a gem of this program. We are strictly adherent to the 80 hour work week, and outside of the R2 year I don't think its ever even close to being an issue. Ive had an amazing time exploring Seattle and the rest of the pacific northwest.
Location / Housing
Most residents live in suburbs of Dayton. If you wish to live in the nicer areas of town, you will be about 15 minutes from the hospital
The program has an excellent reputation and track record, but I found it to fall short in most areas. Operative variety was weak and as a student it was not uncommon to go 4-5 days without scrubbing a case. The residents did not get along well and I suspect this was a trickle down effect from internal strife amongst senior residents and attendings.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Given the opportunity again, I would not rotate here given the limited number of auditions you can do.


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