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North Carolina August 28, 2007 13668
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Overall, I would highly recommend considering Wake Forest for an away rotation.

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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Great leadership/program director. Dr. Halvorson is past resident of the program and very attentive to the residents needs/concerns/desires. The number of faculty employed by the department has grown considerably over the past few years, adding some fresh breath to the resident experience.
Didactics / Teaching
Very thorough didactic component. The trauma faculty host weekly fracture conference for all residents during "protected time", as well as daily trauma conference. Weekly educational lectures given by residents and faculty.
Operating Experience
The true golden star for the Wake program is operative experience. Residents get great exposure to every specialty in house, and a stand-alone VA rotation at the nearby VA hospital that is a nearly completely autonomous OR experience involving total joints, arthroscopy, and recently "wide-awake" hand procedures. Residents finish the program with a comfort level I have not seen at many other institutions because of the huge case volume.
Clinic Experience
Good clinical experience. Attendings do significant teaching during clinic, and let residents do any procedures. There is also a completely resident run clinic for the seniors so they can see and book their own cases.
Research Opportunities
Overall, research support is great for clinical projects. Funding for basic science research is harder to find, but can be found if you are diligent.
Phenomenal group of residents. Each year the program tends to match people based on "fit" more than board-scores. They do more together outside the hospital than any other program I have encountered. Group beach trips, grill out pool parties, and beer Olympics are just a few of the fun things I experienced during my away rotations. They do a good job of ensuring the rotating medical students are included in the team as well.
One of the best "life-style" programs in the country. Most of the residents are married, many of which have children, and value life spent outside the hospital. The cross-coverage weekend rounds is a great system to help keep residents out of the hospital as much as possible. Work hour restrictions are stringently adhered to at the direction of the faculty.
Location / Housing
Winston-Salem is definitely on the smaller side when it comes to cities, but it has just about everything you could want. The downtown area has undergone a MASSIVE overhaul over the past 5 years, and it has become quite a fun place to live. New breweries and restaurants continue to pop up as the downtown area grows. Nearly all the residents own houses, and with the cost-of-living being so low, residents can live extremely comfortably on their salary.
At this point, there are absolutely no specific concerns I can pinpoint. There is some expected turnover at some point with regard to the chairman position, as is natural, I'm certain the program will fill the role with a similarly-minded individual.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Absolutely great rotation on all counts. This is most definitely the hidden gem of the South. Great residents, great faculty, great quality of life, and great location (mountains on one side, beaches on the other). The residents were very supportive during my rotation, and really made me feel like I didn't just waste a month of my time. I ranked Wake first on my list, and couldn't be happier that landed here when the dust of match day finally settled.


I am a current resident of this program.
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June 2016
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