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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Great group of faculty/staff. Upper extremity is especially strong. Joints has some interesting personalities.
Didactics / Teaching
Excellent didactics. Residents excel on OITE.
Operating Experience
Very good operative experience. The only limitation I saw was on trauma, where the new staff (still in board collection period) was somewhat quick to grab the knife from the resident.
Clinic Experience
Who really cares about clinic experience? You get enough.
Research Opportunities
Outstanding research opportunities. The Drs. Smith (husband and wife combo) are dedicated to resident research involvement. Emphasis seemed to be on upper extremity, sports, and hand research, but you could do whatever you wanted from what I gathered.
Great group of residents. There used to be somewhat of a disconnect between the research residents and the rest of the crew, but this is no longer true. Nearly everyone I met was great in the OR and would be someone I'd want to grab a beer with.
Excellent lifestyle. Call is very spread out (something like Q5-7 as a junior), but of course the flipside is that you get worked on call as you cover adult ED, peds ED, and floor calls. However, you have a good team (a couple of juniors and an upper level) and the residents live the good life.
Location / Housing
Winston-Salem is a fantastic city if you're married, maybe not the best place for single folks, although its not bad (downtown was being re-vamped when I was there). I personally loved the city. Housing is really affordable and it is extremely safe.
I got the impression that Dr. Webb leaving was a loss for the program. However, there are several guys who do trauma who are awesome and will attempt to fill in his shoes.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I think this is the best program in North Carolina (I rotated at Duke, as well as interviewed at CMC and UNC). Well balanced, excellent academics, name will open doors for fellowships down the road. Opportunities in upper extremity and hand are unparalleled. Overall an excellent place that I believe is only improving.


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October 2009
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