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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
I was extremely impressed by Dr. Levine during my rotation and the interview process. He is respected by his residents, and they feel that the program is heading in a very positive direction with him at the helm. Dr. Levine is very active in medical student, resident, and fellow education. He meets with rotators once a week to discuss topics in orthopedics, along with tips regarding the application process. He and the other faculty members are at Columbia because they are committed to teaching residents.
Didactics / Teaching
Medical students and residents present operative treatments of fractures that came in over the past week at fracture conference, and there is grand rounds every week. There is also anatomy teaching once a week over the summer which is led by the residents. Each service also has a weekly indications conference in which students and residents interpret radiographs and discuss the indications for upcoming surgeries that week.
Operating Experience
Like other large academic medical centers, there is a fair amount of residents and fellows scrubbing on cases together. That being said, the residents and fellows are given significant autonomy in the OR. With the exception of a few attendings, residents and fellows run the show in the OR, and attendings are there to supervise and help when residents and fellows reach difficult portions of the operation. Fellows walk residents through approaches during cases. Medical students are often 2nd or 3rd assist in cases but are relied on to set up the OR and make sure the relevant radiology is in the room.
Clinic Experience
Students and residents work autonomously in the clinic, and they make the majority of the clinical decisions on their own. Students' notes are reviewed by residents and attendings. Many patients speak Spanish, and while there are interpreters present, you will often have to wait for an interpreter to help you see your patient.
Research Opportunities
Attendings are approachable regarding starting research projects. Columbia medical students often help with research projects. There is a dedicated research block during the residency, and some residents take time off to do more research.
Easily my favorite group of residents on the rotation/interview trail. There are six residents per year, and Columbia prides itself on its familial feel in the context of NYC where other major programs have large resident classes. Residents are down to earth and hang out very frequently with each other. They respect their rotating medical students and appreciate the help.
NYP is a busy hospital, and the orthopedic service is busy across all subspecialties. Residents work hard, though they are able to keep their hobbies. While there is plenty to do in New York City, it is an expensive city and can seem large and impersonal at times.
Location / Housing
The hospital is uptown (168th and Broadway) in the Washington Heights area. You can find great apartments around the hospital for not much money. However, many residents choose to live on the Upper West Side (20-30 minute commute) because it is closer to downtown NYC. The hospital is easily accessible by subway.
The presence of fellows means that junior residents and rotating medical students don't do much in the operating room. Though I felt extremely useful as a rotator, the sub-I is rigorous and the hours are long.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
This was my most rigorous rotation as a medical student, though it was also the rotation in which I felt the most useful. Residents and attendings are committed to student education, and students are highly valued members of their respective teams. The residents are down to earth and enjoy each other's company. Dr. Levine was by far the most impressive chairman that I encountered along the rotation and interview trail, and everyone in the department feels that the residency program is in extremely capable hands.


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