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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Residents primarily work with private attendings, but at the same time are given a lot of opportunities to operate. Attendings are willing to let residents do a lot. Clinic patients that the residents bring in are pretty much open cases for the residents to do but come with their own difficulties (booking, pre-op testing etc. is all the resident's responsbility). Dr. Unis is a great chairman and is regularly asking residents for things to improve and is a very strong resident advocate.
Didactics / Teaching
Teaching is almost exclusively done by residents. Residents rely primarily on experience rather than didactics for learning. Most sessions even with faculty are very informal if they have them. Grand rounds is also primarily resident run. Hand is huge here and has their own grand rounds that tends to be more formal (outside speakers, teaching from faculty/fellows etc.).
Operating Experience
Definitely the greatest strength of this program. The residents here operate a lot starting at the very beginning of their second year. Most residents are comfortable doing a knee scope on their own by the time they've finished their second year and require no assistance to put in an IM nail or do the exposure for a total joint by the beginning of their fifth year. There are only 2 hand fellows at Roosevelt so from third year on (since second years are with the chiefs at Luke's) the resident is pretty much 1st assist on every case they work on.
Clinic Experience
Depends on the day, some days are pretty relaxed but most days tend to keep the residents really busy. They get a ton of clinic experience, 1-2 full days a week (Medicaid, no insurance pts etc.) but don't really get any time in office hours except maybe as fourth years.
Research Opportunities
Research is not a particularly emphasized part of this program. There are opportunities, especially with the hand surgeons who are among the best in the country, but it's by no means a requirement to do any research. Most of the attendings are not very involved academically and there's no ancillary staff to help with research so you're pretty much doing everything if you do want to do a project.
Residents are awesome. The program is small so they tend to emphasize how well people work together here more than anything. Residents hang out a lot with each other and work well together and are all genuinely great people to work. They're realistic about their expectations of each other. Opposite of malignant here, everyone's always trying to give everyone else a hand when they can.
Depends on how things are viewed. Residents here take a lot of call since there's only 3 a year. Second years are the only ones who take in-house call q3 at St. Luke's but this also means they get a post-call day every three days. After this residents take only home call but it means if you get stuck in the ER overnight on a home-call night you're SOL since there's no post-call the next day. At the same time residents are there to operate during the day since PA's handle the floor and consults during the day and only have to deal with the floor and ER at night. Rounds were never extremely early, earliest we had them was 6 and at Luke's everyone takes the bus up together (at 6) or starts later if things are going on at Roosevelt in the morning. Nurses, like any other program in NYC because of the unions, are not going to give you much help though.
Location / Housing
It's NYC in the Upper West side. All the residents live close to Roosevelt since the hospital provides subsidized housing there (59th and 10th) in a fantastic area. It's relatively cheap for NY but not cheap in general ($1200/mo for a studio). That being said it's the only Trauma center on the west side and gets a great mix of patients, especially since St. Vincent's closed.
It's a small program and there's not much academically.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Residents are fun, personable, and really great to work with. You'll operate a lot but if you're looking to publish a lot or go into academics this may not be the best place for you. If you're looking to come out a competent and well trained surgeon and get a good fellowship this place will definitely have that covered.


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