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(Updated: December 10, 2011)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Chairman: Dr. Zuckerman is the AAOS president this year. His service is very tense with residents constantly freaking out behind the scenes, but in the OR he seems to do a good job of teaching and be a nice and funny (and intimidating) guy. <br />
PD: Dr. Egol also seems to be fear-inspiring and the residents think he's a little nuts, but they also credit him with their excellent didactics and research. Never went to the OR with him, so I can't say what he's like.<br />
Faculty: This program is a powerhouse program with fantastic faculty. You will work with the best here. The only downside is that because there are so many faculty and because a lot of them are famous, the residents aren't running the ORs and running the cases but are in a secondary role.
Didactics / Teaching
They have three hours of conferences each week together which are basically a pimp session, and if that is how you learn then it is really good because you will be intimidated into reading and memorizing. These residents know the literature better than anywhere else I rotated because they are literally shamed into studying their asses off.
Operating Experience
I was at HJD which is a private specialty hospital. The residents see the best of the best operate here, but are definitely in a secondary role. I hear they do more at other sites, but this was a problem with the program in what I saw. There are so many attendings that it seems like each one doesn't know their residents very well and doesn't trust their resident to do the case. Plus the private patients are the types to sue, so sphincters are tight.
Clinic Experience
I only went to the resident-run clinic. The attendings actually do let the residents have all the responsibility here, and the attending I was in clinic with did some teaching when the residents had questions, which was nice.
Research Opportunities
This is a major strength of the program. One of the residents told me that the PD says research is more important than patient care. He is only half joking. You will graduate from this program with publications in pretty much whatever you want.
It seemed like about half of the residents were really awesome, fun, down-to earth people and the other half were really OCD and full of themselves. It didn't bother me but some of the med students hated it there. My residents were pretty nice, just really anal and micromanage. Other students were getting yelled at though for pretty much nothing and were miserable.
It's NYC so if that's your thing it is awesome. The residents may be a little mean to med students but they talk a lot about going out together and being friends. I think they really are a good group on a whole who like eachother and are close. It's just an intense place.
Location / Housing
I didn't hear about resident housing from the hospital. They all just live in apts. It's in a great location in NYC so that is great.
The only weaknesses of the program are its size and the fact that residents are assisting a lot because attendings don't know them that well. And that there is some freaking out and yelling. It seems like they are really knowledgable and when I saw residents operate they were pretty good but not as good as at places where residents start operating a lot as 2s and 3s.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
It is NYU. I think you go there for the name and you suck it up and say yes sir for five years and come out published and then do fellowship and subspecialize and it doesn't matter that you didn't get to total joints all by yourself when you were a resident because you either do a joint fellowship or never do a joint again. You get to live in NYC and work with people like Zuckerman, and in return you get pimped a lot and kept on a short leash. I'm not sure if rotating there really matters. It might be more about scores. Some of the students I rotated with didn't get interviews and they seemed really good to me.


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