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Program Review

Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Attendings - a large group of attendings that we work with throughout residency. There is a wide range of experience, which provides a good balance and allows for prolonged stability. Attendings love teaching and are extremely dedicated to helping the residents become the best possible orthopedic surgeon they can. We also get to work with attendings at Boston Children's, MGH, the VA, Lahey, and Shriner's in addition to those at Boston Medical Center.

Chairman - Dr. Tornetta is an amazing mentor and is dedicated to the residency. He is involved in the everyday functions of the residency and makes sure that things are always moving in a direction that provides the best learning environment for the residents. He is an excellent educator and researcher and will help provide extra guidance to anyone who seeks it out. He knows how to challenge you so you can become the best possible orthopedic surgeon you can.

Staff - additional staff of PA and NPs help to keep floor and discharge responsibilities to a minimum. Also most have been there for multiple years so they are experienced in the way the service runs to help make a seemless transition when residents switch services.
Didactics / Teaching
Weekly didactics that fulfill the requirements.
Mon - Morning fracture conference to go over weekend consults. This is one of best learning and teaching experiences as attendings are at morning rounds to go over and review consults
Tue - Morning fracture conference. Also hourly session from 6:15-7:15am for bone saw sessions, bio-skills or journal clubs
Weds- Grand rounds or M&M
Thurs - Bone School from 6:30-8am. Go over weekly cases with attendings. Have the time for in depth discussion regarding indications and surgical techniques.
Fri - Bone School 7am - 11am. Weekly rotating lectures given by attendings and residents. Also go over questions.
Operating Experience
Excellent operating room experience from each subspecialty. You also have an opportunity of operating around different types of hospitals (Boston Children's, MGH (oncology), the VA around Boston. Well rounded operative experience with graduated autonomy. A mentorship model is adopted for most rotations. Will be proficient at all of the required surgeries required by the ACGME,
Clinic Experience
Focus on operative vs non-operative management of cases. This is unique to the program as every option is discussed and we are not operating on every fracture, as certain fractures have similar outcomes with operative and non-operative management. The clinic focuses entirely on learning when and if and when to go to the operating room. There are many physician assistants and nurse practitioners who assist residents with needs as well. Good balance of different practice models to provide the best learning experience.
Research Opportunities
There are many opportunities, especially at Boston Medical Center, but can also get involved at other facilities. Research is, however, primarily resident-driven. Need to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that are available. Attendings are extremely responsive and provide great mentorship.
Extremely hard working and are very supportive. We stick together and always help each other out. Very tight group--it feels like family. Rotations are set up to provide opportunities for senior residents to teach the junior residents.
Work hard, play hard. You will work extremely hard while at work, but there is ample opportunity to have fun outside of work. Intern year you have every other weekend off and sometimes have 3/4 weekends off. Other years you have every other weekend off. Other rotations vary with the in house call load.

Location / Housing
Boston is expensive, but expenses can be managed. The city is amazing. It has everything you want in a large city, but has a smaller size feel to it. There is a good public transportation system. There are so many opportunities within a few hour drive from hiking and skiing to spending the weekend on the beach. You can get just about anywhere within the northeast in a few hours drive. Also logan international has affordable direct flights to many other cities. Traffic can be miserable from time to time, but usually is avoidable.
Learning and research are self-guided. You will not be told what to do. Need to have an appetite for reading. If you decide to participate in research you will have the mentorship to put together and complete a project that you can get a publication out of and usually go to a conference to present the work. However, there is not a large support staff to help with data collection. You can usually find medical students to help with the data collection.

Multiple sites which requires travel, but allows us to see a wide scope of practice models and work with some of the best, and most highly reputable surgeons around.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Excellent Fellowship with amazing training and mentorship. You will work extremely hard and be pushed at times, but this residency will make you the best possible orthopedic surgeon you can become. Also if you work hard and take advantage of the numerous opportunities you will be rewarded with an excellent fellowship. I would choose this residency again in a heartbeat.


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