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Spine/ Shock Trauma at UMD
(Updated: January 01, 2012)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Dr. Pelligrini was on his way out during my time. Dr Pollack was taken over as interim chair and will probably be appointed fulltime chairman. He is a good guy and has great ideas for the program. According to him the 6th yr is up in the air.

Faculty is otherwise pretty good. The Shock Trauma team is incredible and the highlight of this group. They like to teach and only scrub for difficult cases. There are a lot fo young surgeons in the practice.
Didactics / Teaching
There is daily trauma boards at Shock Trauma that is an incredible learning experience. The traumologists have great discussions on treatment of various fractures, etc. There is also blocked off didactics on Thursdays from 7-11. These lectures were recently revamped and now appear to be well organized but not as polished as the review lectures at other institutions. There are also daily morning conferences, etc that are didactic focused.

There is a great anatomy and sim lab. During the intern yr, one month on Ortho is devoted to "Intern training" where residents get to practice different skill sets. This seemed to be well reviewed by the current interns.

Attendings like to teach; some more than others though. While on Spine it isn't uncommon to just end up watching a case without ever having anything explained to you. So pre-reading is a must to really get the most out of things.
Operating Experience
Though Dean Pollack plans to make some changers and hire more PAs, UMD's operative experience was the worst of the 4 places that I ddi aways. During PGY2 year there is both a Consult and Trauma mule rotation that see no OR time. Even during the PGY4 year I saw residents giving up OR time to junior residents to ensure that clinic was covered. There are fellows on various services that bump residents aside. While on Trauma, if you are there early in the year the fellows do most of the case. Later in the year after they are more confident, the residents get to do much more.

With that said, there are rotations like the VA rotations were PGY2s were scoping knees with the attending unscrubed. So there is definitely a range of operative experiences depending on the rotation that you are on.

There is currently a PGY6 "Super Chief" yr that will be operative heavy and serves to fine-tune residents operating abilities. However this year has yet to be seen, and no one knows exactly what will happen. Most likely residents will be in PG county doing a lot of the cases for underserved patients. The yr is supposed to pay in the $120,000+ range.
Clinic Experience
Clinic is a mixed bag. Once again, some attendings like to teach and some don't. At time you are just working in the same role as the PA/NP. There are clinics in Northern Baltimore (Towson) and outside the city in Columbia. Most days we had to go back to PM round so this was an annoying 30 min (each way) drive for little teaching.
Research Opportunities
Residents didn't talk much about research so I do not know much. I am sure that there are opportunities to do research if you want, but this didn't seem to be a focus outside of the Shock Trauma stuff.
They are a good bunch. I didn't mesh as well with them as I did at other places but they all seem to hang out at nights/ weekends. Definitely not a malignant group at all.
Call is pretty easy even during PGY2 year. The residents cover the local high school football games on Friday nights which seems fun. Baltimore is a fun city.
Location / Housing
Most people live in the city in Caton or Federal Hill. The hospital is close to the edge of the city so you could live anywhere.
Not the best early operative experience but it is rotation dependent. Some attendings like to teach more than others.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Good place to train. Shock Trauma is an asset. 6th yr is a new idea and is not well planned out at the moment and may never happen (new chairman may nix it). Residents go to Hopkins for Peds in PGY3 which is a plus. Didactics have improved. Call is pretty cush.


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