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by John Langland     August 20, 2007    
(Updated: January 01, 2012)
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Pedi Ortho with Sponny

Program Review

Staff / Faculty / Chairman
As many of you know, the current chairman is a retired ENT physician. The search for a permanent chair is continuing. I assume that they will have someone by July 2013. Usually a new chairman means more money for the program, some staff turnover, and some new ideas. However Dr. LaPorte is an incredible PD and I am sure that the program will only continue to improve with or without a new chair. The faculty is for the most part excellent. They love teaching and love handing over the scalpel. However there are a few infamously crochetty attendings on the faculty. I worked with Dr. Sponseller (Sponny) for the majority of the rotation. He is an great teacher and an incredibly hard worker. While working with him you will see almost everything in Lovell and Winter's.
Didactics / Teaching
Didactics is a strong point at Hopkins. At the start fo the rotation I was given the entire Lovell and Winter's in electronic format on a flash drive.

Every morning there is fracture conference at ~7:00a.m. where all of the residents go over consults from the day/night before and get grilled on management. It is scary but helpful. Additionally there is a blocked out didactic time on Thursday mornings from around 8 till noon. There are guest lecturers, OITE review, etc. These lectures were very well organized. There may be other didactics that I am unaware of as well.

Attendings love to teach in the OR and clinic and aren't afraid to let residents operate. In fact I did a "skin-to-skin" case with the resident as 1st assist and the attending unscrubed during my rotation.
Operating Experience
There is 24 hour PA coverage so residents are either in the operating room or clinic starting at PGY2. There aren't any consult or mule rotations. There is a rumor that people at Hopkins don't operate much, but I did not see that. Often the PGY3 was 1st assist in one room and the PGY5 was walking the PGY2 through the case in the other OR.
Clinic Experience
There was a good mix of OR and clinic. Probably 3 days in OR, 2 days in clinic. In clinic we saw everything under the sun in pediatric Ortho. Because it is Hopkins, patients come from everywhere to be treated. Hopkins has a strong relationship with the Middle East, so we saw a lot of patients from there.
Research Opportunities
Obviously a strong point of the program. You can do research in anything that interests you. Starting during your PGY2 year you meet with a mentor and discuss a project. There is then 10 week in your PGy3 and PGY4 years of blocked off research time. With that in mind, people here can do a lot of research and publish as much as they want.
Great group of people. Five residents a year makes for a good mix of personalities. A lot of the residents hang out outside of the hospital and everyone seemed to get along great while in the hospital even during the difficult rotations. I was impressed with how laid back and non cut-throat they were. I am not sure where that rumor started but it isn't true anymore.
The program is tough on a PGY2 with call and Peds, Trauma, Bayview, and Spine rotations. After that it gets easier. Chief year can be challenging at times as well. Overall the residents seem to have time to go out a night esp. after PGY2 year. Additionally they are team physicians for the Orioles so they get to go to the games, etc. There are programs with better lifestyle, but you get your bang for your buck here in terms of Ortho education.
Location / Housing
Baltimore is Baltimore. You love it or you hate it. The hospital is in the ghetto and no one lives within a 5 minute drive. Most people live in the city around Caton, Federal Hill, Butcher Hill, Charles Village. Some people live outside the city. There is a decent mix. Baltimore is expensive but not as expensive as D.C. or Philly. There are definitely great places to live. Also the food in BMore is great, you just have to know where to go. Fells Point and the Inner Harbor are great places to hang. The Ravens are Super Bowl champs. BMore has lots to offer, but it turns off many because it is not the cleanest or easiest city to get around in.
PGY2 year and part of PGY3 year are tough. Some of the attendings are jerks. They also just lost Dr. Kristy Weber just left for UPenn which is a big loss for Tumor.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Great place. Not malignant. Great group of residents. Would be a great place to train.


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