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by John Langland     August 16, 2007    
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Ochsner Ortho Residency 2020

Program Review

Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Joints: Chimento (PD)- Made this program what it is, a pipeline for phenomenal surgeons. He headed streamlining joint replacements (pathways and the surgical home). Also headed opening Ochsner Elmwood (outpatient surgery center). Moore - one of the best surgeons I've ever met, loves to teach and loves taking care of his patients. Wolfe- prior UVA staff who was recruited here, hilarious and well experience surgeon who is amazing to learn from.
Spine - Celestre (PC) - young surgeon who is basically one of the residents with regards to hanging out with us. Goes way out of his way to ensure to hear out or address any concerns or problems we are having as residents (basically the best big brother any of us could ask for). Throws phenomenal parties too.
Peds - Haber- previous Mississippi staff recruited here who is the lead on vertebral body tethers and all the research involved with it. Waldron - sports heavy and is the MPFL reconstruction master. Plost- fresh out of fellowship, loves to teach. All three of these staff make you want to do peds because you are very involved in their patients care and just spending a single day with any of them will make you want to become a peds ortho since they all love their job to the extreme.
Sports - Jones/Suri/Montgomery/Choate/(also adding another Godshaw) - take care of Pelicans/Saints/LSU/UNO and other schools in the area. They have 3 fellows every year and are very research and teaching heavy. All wonderful and operate out of our new Elmwood Surgery center.
Trauma - Mautner - army trauma surgeon who is by far the most knowledgeable trauma surgeon i've ever been around. Super fun and really harnesses your strengths as well as helps fine tune your weaknesses as a surgeon. Suglaski - straight out of fellowship and is air force, basically one of us residents and will back your decision for surgical plans nearly everytime and helps you critically think through how best to treat your patients.
Hand - Sisco-Wise - consultant for many orthopedic companies and travels throughout the country to perform talks on hand surgery. Wonderful teacher. Dunbar - previous ochsner resident, loves hanging out with residents and teaching.
Foot&Ankle - Treuting & Galli - love teaching and are super involved in having labs for residents.
Onc - Cable - LSU staff as well who spends one day a week to operate and have clinic. Very knowledgeable and loves to teach.
HOUMA - Meyer - lets you run with it and basically run your own practice as a 4 or 5.
Didactics / Teaching
We have resident protected time from 6:15-7:30AM every morning for fracture conference and other academics. This is just residents and med students (no staff to make you feel uncomfortable if you get something wrong). Just upper levels teaching lower levels. This allows you to decompress and learn something new before starting the day. Big reason why I love this residency because it may only be 15 of us in the department, but we see everybody everyday and its a true brotherly/sisterly environment. We have monthly labs with local reps who have cadavers for us. We have a weekly sports conference. Oh yeah, and we have monthly residency wide Yoga!
Operating Experience
Despite this being a Level 2 trauma center, you're operating as an intern to start. Only fellowship we have is sports, and since we have some may sports staff, you have no issues playing second fiddle in the operating room. Further, most of us meet our case minimums by at least 3rd year. We still see all the level one stuff, but its just enough to where you feel comfortable going into trauma or taking care of something in the community (which is what most of us go out and do), but not too much to where you're wasting time doing the 800th basic intertroch when you could be learning something else. Every year 1-2 of our 3 residents a year go into general ortho without wanting to do a fellowship - that says they feel comfortable taking care of anything upon graduating from here because we are so well rounded in all areas of the field.
Clinic Experience
If you're a surgeon, you probably don't like clinic and that's okay with us. We have an incredible amount of mid level providers who help see regular postop patients which is why we are a powerhouse for elective orthopedic patients. Further, you'll primarily see new patients in most clinics with staff and since it's more of a mentor type model, you'll have one on one teaching. Also our patient population is the best so our patients actually go to therapy and improve. No 100 patient or so clinics like at some trauma hospitals, 20-25 patients a clinic (such as what you'd be doing if you were actually practicing in the community).
Research Opportunities
Super streamlined. Digital IRB. Statistician. We have our own Journal! Every residents is involved with at least 3-4 studies minimum and we are a true powerhouse in that category. Particularly sports, joints, and peds.
3 residents a year. Probably a 20% female population. As I said earlier, we see everybody everyday, so it truly is by far the most family environment I have seen in any of the aways or interviews and that's important to me. We hangout all the time outside of work, (i.e. Marid Gras, red dress run, running of the bulls, Jazzfest, etc. since there's too much to do in New Orleans). Most of our residents are from the southeast, but we have the occasional Wisconsin every now and then.
There is just enough work to feel confident about how to handle anything out in the community, but not enough to where you neglect other portions of your life. We have residents who are single, engaged, married, as well as have kids. The whole spectrum and our residents significant others are all best friends as well. As stated previously, there is too much to do in New Orleans and while living in this wonderful city, you'll have the time of your life molding yourself into the best surgeon you could ever become.
Location / Housing
10 mins from downtown and housing is relatively cheap. Some residents buy and some rent, but no one is struggling to make ends meet because the New Orleans atmosphere is not even close to what it would cost to live in other big cities. A beer here costs $2 compared to $8 in New York if that gives you a better idea...
Houma is an hour away and most residents commute bc it is so close, but there is an apartment you have if you wanted to stay.
Our call room is a friggin hotel room in our Brent House Hotel... boom.
If you want to be a trauma heavy surgeon, staying up 50hrs straight kinda guy who wants to do nothing but trauma, I would say look elsewhere.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Nearly every resident we get has ranked us #1. Further, nearly every graduating resident gets their #1 pick in fellowship. We know how to learn, have fun, and teach you how to actually run a practice when you leave bc that's exactly why you'll be doing when you get done.


I am a current resident of this program.
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