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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Iowa is a deep well-rounded program. Each division within the department has multiple faculty spanning many different areas of interest. The chairman, Dr. Marsh, and program director, Dr. Karam, are very approachable. They are heavily invested in the program and would do anything to see it succeeded. Within each division (hand, sports, peds, etc) there is at least a faculty member or 2 that are very into resident's within that specialty. It allows all the residents to have a great contact person in every specialty.
Didactics / Teaching
Conferences are Monday Wednesday Friday for everyone and provide a two-year rotating curriculum. There are weekly subspecialty conferences on each service that are attended only by the residents on those services. Conferences are not malicious but residents are routinely asked questions and expect to be prepared for conference.
Operating Experience
Great operative experience. There is plenty of volume to go around and constantly surfaces that are looking for extra people in the OR.Like many other programs, call cases are largely done by the residents with staff only supervising. Specialty post specific cases have a graduated level of responsibility within the case, however, the residents are routinely doing the cases.
Clinic Experience
Clinic is as you would expect from clinic. It is largely under one roof and very close to the resident room which makes bouncing back and forth from clinic to other activities very easily. Many staff members are very invested in teaching in clinic and actually have reduced their clinic sizes to be able to teach more appropriately.
Research Opportunities
Basically unlimited. There are numerous faculty members who are eager for projects. Finding appears to be always attainable and I have yet to hear anybody who has had difficulty doing a project they were passionate about. Multiple residents per class are getting double-digit numbers of publications prior to application season but it should be understood that these are motivated resident's not projects that were spoonfed.
Hands down best part of the program. The residents work together, play together, and support each other. I did not experience anywhere else with a closer group of residence or people that seem to be more happy to work together. Within each class, there are activities commonly and friendships run deep. Residents cover for each other for family issues, vacations, and personal needs.
This is a busy program with long work hours. When you are not working, life is good and residents seem to enjoy themselves. The work is not malicious and most people do not seem to hate what they do. There seems to be a good balance between family life and work. This is not the place to come and plan on coasting for 5 years.
Location / Housing
Iowa city is a small place. A person should not come to Iowa city expecting to have the night life and activities of a big city like Chicago, however, if a safe place to live with out the stress of a big city is high on an applicants interest list then this would be a great place to check out. Most residents are able to buy homes. There is plenty of rental property available as well. Biking is very popular here and many residents bike to work on page trails or just bike for entertainment. There are 2 nearby lakes that offer recreation on the water.
The program is growing quickly. They have added multiple staff members in most divisions recently and has led to a busy environment. The residents he is adapting to this and it seems to offer more opportunities, however, there are some growing pains associated with increasing volume.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
The program is well-balanced. The resident's love it here. It is a great community to live in. I highly recommend you check out the University of Iowa.


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