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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
New chairman, Dr. Ghanayem, succeeded Dr. Light. Dr. Light was a true asset to the program and remains around semi-retired for the benefit of the residents. Dr. Ghanayem still seems to be getting his bearings as a chairman, but he appeared to approach the program in a very different way. He maintains a strict sense of hierarchy among residents to the extent that I found Juniors and some seniors were intimidated by him, which is to the detriment of resident experience and advocacy. Many residents had horror stories of interactions with him and it felt like a rite of passage. I found this be a less than optimal relationship to have with one's chair, considering at LUC the chair performs many of the daily resident management duties that PDs perform in other places. Other staff vary, with some attendings taking an interest in residents and others not. Dr. Wu is nice, relatively newly appointed as PD but appeared a bit distant from residents for a PD. Dr. Nystrom who is relatively new and the coordinator for outside rotators is excellent and takes a special interest in teaching.
Didactics / Teaching
Didactics were well organized. They consist of a dedicated didactic day which was a model I liked as opposed to daily didactics as it really allowed for more OR time for the residents. Residents seemed to be satisfied with the didactics experience overall. Residents do fine overall on OITE.
Operating Experience
Level one trauma center in strategic location means high volume trauma which has great potential for training. Operating experience overall was very attending depends. With some, I saw senior residents stuck retracting, but sometimes junior residents were walked through cases which was great to see. Overall, I felt that majority of attendings took the lead with residents assisting. This mostly involved setting up the room before the attending arrives, retracting during the case, and closure. This was worse on spine, where senior residents didn't do much besides some of the exposure.
Clinic Experience
Clinical experience is well organized and good. Residents take the lead here and get the full experience. There are a number of satellite facilities that residents may sometimes end up needing to go to, but with Chicago traffic it's not fun commuting to these places. At the VA, residents run the show but medical students really get to do a lot.
Research Opportunities
Research opportunities are there. There are bench researchers who do take residents as well as intradisciplinary research which is excellent. Overall, residents don't choose Loyola for its research and they don't seem particularly interested in it, but for those who like it, there are opportunities.
Residents are an excellent group overall. They get along well with good camaraderie. They definitely have a work-hard play-hard attitude. I could definitely see my self getting along with them.
Lifestyle seems less then average. On trauma and Joints months, it can get very busy with residents in the ER most of trauma season. Night float system makes night coverage much better. Proximity to Chicago is a huge plus and many residents commute from the city, but you also can easily commute from the suburbs if that's what you'd prefer. Mix between married and non-married residents, with juniors most often being non-married.
Location / Housing
Loyola is in Maywood, IL and in an area that is not safe, so one would need to commute from Chicago or the suburbs which means you'll need to have a minimum 20-30 minute commute. Residents seem to live everywhere. Cost of living in chicago can be high, but it's a large city and may be worth it to some.
Residents are great bunch and get along well, however there is a homogeneity of the group.
Fellowship placement seems fine but I did see some residents express concern they would not match into a fellowship which was a very surprising thing to hear.
Volume can be low on some services, with some services combined (e.g. spine/oncology) due to lack of volume.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
LUC is a program which will train you to be an adequate surgeon. For a trajectory into private practice, it provides satisfactory training in a world-class city. Malignancy from the chair and variable surgical experience are a big downside.


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November 30, 2017
1.) Do the OR cams also livestream to students in conference/class rooms?
2.) Apart from product sales reps, students, security, nurses, and quality assurance personnel who else is permitted in the OR control room?
3.) Are there any job shadows by people that are not employeed by the institution but just have an interest?
4.) Did you attend any seminars in March this year?
Umang Patel
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