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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Huge strength of the program. Dr. Jacobs (chair) is former AAOS president, a great leader, and cares deeply about residents and the program. Faculty in every field are super famous. There is a current president/former president of the major subspecialty society in basically every department (joints, sports, spine, etc). Faculty is very approachable considering this. Monthly casual journal clubs are held by the attending in their homes. Sounds like you are often discussing the faculty's newest JBJS articles with them.
Didactics / Teaching
Strong didactics. There is a year-long intern skills program, weekly whole-residency didactics, along with subspecialty conferences/journal clubs 2-3x weekly. Residents knew their stuff in conference.
Operating Experience
Super high volume for elective orthopaedics. Almost all faculty run two rooms (fellow in one room, resident in the other, so fellows don't affect OR experience). Fast turnovers (probably 15 min on average). Surgical assists to set up room and help with prepping/draping. One-on-one mentorship model so you are single-scrubbed with the attending on day one of PGY-2 year. Because Rush ortho is a private practice operating out of an academic institution, things are run very efficiently and you generally are done with the clinical day at 5-6pm every day but have still done 4+ cases.
Clinic Experience
Pretty typical clinic experience. Very nice facilities are a plus. Super high volume so you will learn to see patients efficiently and dictate clinic notes early on in training.
Research Opportunities
No better place in the country for research in my opinion. Residents routinely graduate with upwards of 40 publications (and some with many, many more). Paid research staff in each subspecialty (you don't need to do much legwork for your projects). Many institutional patient databases so you can come up with a study and have it done very quickly. There are people to do your stats, help with lit reviews, help with writing, IRBs, etc. Travel for research is fully supported too.
Awesome group. Residents hang out a lot outside the program and seem very happy. The culture of the program also seems great, I saw residents help each other out often. Apparently the administration is very supportive too - very accommodating for family emergencies and whatnot.
Probably one of the best lifestyles of programs I rotated at. PGY-2 year is busy like most places, but after that call is pretty sparse. Residents with spouses, kids, dogs, etc do not seem too stressed out.
Location / Housing
Chicago is an awesome city with the benefit of being very affordable compared to similar cities on the coasts. I think that there are more bars per capita than any other place in the country. Many residents can afford to buy. Free parking and healthcare which is nice.
Call is a bit lighter than other places I've rotated - the nurse practitioners take care of inpatient stuff and you generally aren't getting crushed with consults all night. You will still be busy enough to learn, but not exactly the "blue-collar" experience that some people may be after.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I'd have a hard time picking a better academic program in the county. Great residents, great operative experience, great location, great program culture, super famous but approachable faculty, very easy to do lots of research. Residents hand pick their fellowships.


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