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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
You get to work with some of the biggest names in orthopaedics and witness the future of the field. The attendings you work with are so well regarded, on my residency interviews the interviewer would often digress and start inquiring about how Rush attendings do certain procedures. All the attendings are extremely approachable, even the chairman is someone who is interested in getting to know you as a medical student.
Didactics / Teaching
Solid line-up of the basics for the junior level residents followed by more advanced stuff for the seniors. The curriculum starts off the year heavy on the trauma to get the juniors ready for consults and their rotations at Cook County Hospital.
Operating Experience
If you want to be let loose on day one with no oversight, this certainly isn't the program for you. The program takes the approach of a graduated system where you learn the art of good operative technique. After you've demonstrated proficiency of the fundamental principles, you're given more freedom and responsibility in the OR. Ultimately you're not left to re-invent the wheel by yourself and instead get the experience of top notch attendings to help guide you. I think it leads to learning good habits, which means you'll be a more efficient surgeon after residency.
Clinic Experience
It certainly isn't clinic heavy, but you get at least one day of clinic each week. It's good because the attendings use this as an opportunity to treat you the art of non-operative management and diagnosis.
Research Opportunities
It goes without saying this is a research power house. Whether you're looking for clinic or bench style research, they have it all. The attendings are approachable and always willing to get you involved in their research projects. The presence of fellows also helps to drive a lot of the research forward, which offers you plenty of opportunities to get published.
Exceptional group of residents who all have a great time together. Because the program has five residents per year, it leads to a great dynamic within the classes. Each class seems to function well as a cohesive unit.
Intern year seems to be easy (as is with most ortho residencies). The second year is by far the roughest, but it drastically gets better during years 3 through 5. The benefits of the program offer you the ability to enjoy living in Chicago and take advantage of the city.
Location / Housing
Given you're living in a major metropolitan center, it's very affordable on a resident's salary.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Overall a fantastic experience. It has the whole package to offer the residents. I would certainly strongly recommend considering this program.


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