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Not all it was hyped up to be
(Updated: January 01, 2012)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Great faculty that attract a lot of volume. The staff are approachable and have connections to get you into good fellowships for certain subspecialties.
Didactics / Teaching
They have the usual- morning rounds for overnight ED trauma cases, grand rounds, and a couple didactic sessions during the week but nothing on the weekend. Nothing extraordinary.
Operating Experience
Having perspective now as a resident, I can look back and say that I totally agree with other comments on this forum that there is a lack of operative experience at Rush. The attendings are very hands. Besides the joints service, there is very little hands on operative experience compared to what I've seen elsewhere and experienced. The fellows get to operate a decent amount. The lack of trauma is a huge negative for the program because that is often where you get autonomy. The bone is the deepest thing in the body and that's where you get good at anatomy and exposures. It's bread and butter orthopaedics that they just don't get enough of in my opinion.
Clinic Experience
The one on one attending type set up allows for good clinical exposure but the residents don't dictate. You may think that's a good thing at first but I can tell you from experience you want to dictate and learn how, it forces you to think deeper about the diagnosis and treatment plan. There is also no resident run/community clinic where you follow your own patients and make your own decisions- because all their patients are well insured. Cook county fulfills their acgme trauma requirement but I think there is still a lack of autonomous yet supervised clinical decision making.
Research Opportunities
Plentiful, it's well known.
A good midwest group of residents. It's a large enough program to where you'll probably have 3-4 co-residents you really get along with and that's your possy, just like med school. That's all you really need.
One of the easiest. I would disagree that this is a work hard play hard program. They don't work that hard actually, no in house call (at least when I rotated, heard they may have changed that and are trying to become level 1)! You learn a lot getting consulted all night in house, they don't have that opportunity except at cook county.
Location / Housing
It's Chicago...
Lack of operative experience would leave you as a sub par surgeon but hey, you'll have a cush residency in a great city and land a great fellowship with a great CV full of research. If that's what you want (which is a lot of people) then great!
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Lack of operative/clinical autonomy is concerning.


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