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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
The chairman is relatively new-Jay Lieberman. He is from UCLA and seems to be very excited about the program. He brings some very large grants and a strong research background. He is pushing for a much stronger research experience for his residents and is also big on academics.
Didactics / Teaching
As stated above, I think this is one of Connecticuts strengths. They are one of only four programs in the country that has their own Muskuloskeletal Institute. The MARB is the freestanding building on the medical campus which houses specialty OR's, clinic, offices, research labs, and a Bio-skills lab. The Bio-skills lab is a huge lab dedicated to the residents and it houses something like 6 or 8 laparascopic work stations with full equipment and cadaveric subjects.
Operating Experience
The operating experience at UConn is good. Depending on which hospital you are at ( Hartford, UConn ), you will have a different experience in part-due to volume. At Hartford, there is a heavy workload and often, the Chiefs would be doing their own cases without attendings even scrubbing. Anywhere from a 2 on up might be scrubbed in to help when this occurred. At UConn, the workload is a little less and the residents are operating from third year up alongside most of the core attendings.
Clinic Experience
The clinical experience at UConn is strong. What I liked the most about this experience is the Muskuloskeletal Institute. At the MARB, as a second year resident, you will go to clinic two times a week and follow just one of the attendings ( Foot and Ankle, Sports, Joints,.... ). This is a nice way to break down clinic because it really affords for some nice one on one time. At Hartford, the clinical experience is all about trauma. You will take night call at Hartford and you will see a lot of trauma. Most of the clinical experience there seemed to occur through consult time in the ER.
Research Opportunities
Like I said before, the new chairmen seems poised to make Connecticut a program known throughout New England for its research. One will have no problem doing research or developing those interests. They have even initiated a research break between second and third year for those who may be interested. This is an entire year devoted to research projects
The Residents at the program are all very nice. They come from vastly different backgrounds. A good majority of them are married but they are all social and friendly. Most importantly, they all work very hard so these are good folks that you could work alongside.
This is purely a preference sort of thing. Hartford is not that great of an area but West Hartford and parts of Farmington are beautiful. There is a very nice new downtown center in West Hartford with great apartments, shops, and restaurants. While Boston and New York are within a drive, you must feel like you could be happy with the region itself for all of residency.
Location / Housing
Most of the residents are able to buy their own houses as either first or second year residents. Most of them choose to do this because the areas are lovely and the homes are one of the perks of the program.
The program director has been very receptive to the needs of the program, as you can see above. In one year, we have addressed many of the shortcomings noted in the previous review. While this program, like all, has areas that can be improved, it is obvious that the administration behind the University of Florida program is committed to addressing those deficiencies quickly.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
The experience was great and UConn has some great attributes. With the new chair the program seems to be on the rise and more changes are on the way. I suggest doing a rotation at this program.


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