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California August 12, 2007 13686
Loma Linda U
(Updated: January 01, 2012)
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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
The staff are average. Nothing shines, and they seem busy.

The Chairman is really a nice guy. He doesn't give much operative experience to residents, as he is working on a navigation unit for TKAs, but he is very approachable and easy to talk with.

There are a couple of really weird Attendings. One who is pretty annoying with ADD/Asperger's, and another that is just real tall and quiet (always looks suspicious). The rest are great and deserved a much higher score if it wasn't for the odd 3.

The PD is iffy. He takes certain medical students out camping alone and is well known to be "awkward". The OR staff harassed me to go swimming and hiking with him.
Didactics / Teaching
Not the strongest part of the program, Attending love to pimp. Evening teaching sessions are not serious, and many residents don't pay attention.
Operating Experience
This is the strong part and somewhat makes up for other deficiencies. It can get bad at times when the non-sports guys try arthroscopic procedures or the tumor guy tries to fix an ankle. The saving grace is that they have a decent volume.
Clinic Experience
Depends who you rotate with. Good to have face time.
Research Opportunities
There is a scheduled "research" time, but it is average in projects.
Great group of guys, there are a couple of females that are nice too. One is super-friendly and the other a bit odd, but both are strong residents.
Ortho program, period. 90-100hrs/week. PD and Chair will say that it is necessary to work those hours to gain experience.
Location / Housing
Location is poor, it is not near anything, in the desert, and hot. Housing is good, there are decent/safe neighborhoods close by, but it is not affordable to buy.
The name is overshadowed by the big programs nearby (UCLA, UCI, USC, UCSD) and I heard a lot of "you rotated where?" "Loma what?" but they operative experience makes up for a lot of that. Medical students will get pawned off when post-call, so expect to work 36 hour days.
Location is poor.
Hospital records system is still half paper, c'mon!
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Ended up being ranked 4, out of the 4 programs I rotated through.


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Fall 2011
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