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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Chairman was asked to step down. No one really knows why. PD is ok, but you never know what he is thinking. You can never read him. Faculty are very knowledgeable for the most part. But the style of teaching is not the greatest. Some trauma surgeons are very demeaning to the 2-3 year residents. Their program coordinator never responds timely. It usually takes her a good 1-2 weeks (if at all) before she will email you back.
Didactics / Teaching
Not the greatest. 1, rarely 2 hours some days of the week. And even with that it gets cancelled pretty frequently. Residents usually sleep during most of them or look uninterested.
Operating Experience
Heavy volume, but residents don't get to operate. There are a lot of fellows and they take most cases. And if you do get to actually operate 1 on 1 with attending (very rare event), some attendings will just have you retract for the most part.
Clinic Experience
I thought it was ok in terms of independence. I was able to see patients myself and then staff with with an attending. Very little teaching as there might be 40-50 patients per attending per day. So the wheels roll fast.
Research Opportunities
Present. 1 out of 5 residents does the research after year 2. 3 projects are required (2 maybe case reports). But it is not really shoved down the throat. And if you don't really want to do much, you can easily get away with that. For those who want to do a lot of research, I would recommend to apply for the 6-year path. But even with that resources are pretty limited in terms of what you can do.
I thought it was the strongest part of this program. I got along with most of them. They are not particularly nice, but certainly joke and make fun of each other, which makes time goes faster.
Sac is a reasonable place to live. Relatively inexpensive and close to things people like doing (skiing, camping, wine-tasting). But this residency is the busiest I have ever seen. Trauma is brutal and there is a lot of it throughout the residency. So in that regard, residents don't get to enjoy all the perks of being 2 hours away from vacation destination.
Location / Housing
Sac, as I mentioned, is an ok city. Smallish, not metropolitan. Reminds me of a stretched out farming town without downtown per se. Crime is rampant in some (many) areas, especially close to the hospital. Residents, who live close to campus, got their home broken into. Also housing around the hospital is somewhat pricey. But if you want to live 30 min away, it is very reasonable.
Lots of fellows. Too much trauma (seriously, you will get killed on trauma service and while on call). Some attendings need a course on how to talk to people. Some are very disrespectful and constantly put residents down during the morning report in front of the whole department. Not enough research. Didactics could be better.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
I agree with the evaluator above me pretty much on everything. I have not also gotten an invite from them after busting my butt on the service for 1 month. I know many others who had the same story.
However, I do think though that it is a strong program, that will build you into an outstanding orthopaedic surgeon.


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