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Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Dr. McLaren is all about resident education. His relationship with the residents is definitely one of the strongest selling points of this program. He teaches weekly during the weekly didactics on Tuesday afternoons. I really liked the dedicated time to didactics. In addition he is always working to understand what is going on with the residents during their various rotations and always going to bat for them. Most of the rotations are spread out around the valley here in Phoenix with a great mix of surgeons. You spend time at the children's hospital in phoenix, Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale/Phoenix, etc. There is just a nice variety of exposure to different systems, philosophies and surgeons.
Didactics / Teaching
Didactics are weekly on Tuesday afternoons, and all of the sites/surgeons know the residents must be there for those didactics. In addition grand rounds are monthly and every month a cadaver anatomy dissection is done on the anatomy topic for that month, reviewing exposures to various procedures, etc. I think didactics are a great strong point of this program as well.
Operating Experience
Really did not operate with any of the residents but they all say there operative experience is early into their intern year and often. They have no problem logging their cases and gaining good operative experience.
Clinic Experience
Clinic is clinic, and depending on where you do your various rotations at will vary. You get good experience in a wide variety of pathology and treatment. Some clinics have their own conferences during the week where you make have to present during this time a case and plan, as well as some good natured pimping during this time.
Research Opportunities
All residents are required I believe to do some sort of research project every year. Either a poster, or presentation, or whatever, but be involved in a project with someone. Most of the residents have no problem with this requirement as opportunities are plentiful with the variety of surgeons present.
Great group of residents with a wide variety of backgrounds. All very intelligent and more than willing to help out students.
Always rotation dependent, but call isn't really too bad, just depends on what service you are on. They are strict with the 80 hours and the various days off, hours off rules.
Location / Housing
It is phoenix and some areas obviously better than others. You'll probably have a commute if you want to live in a decent area, especially if you have kids, but prices are down here so might be a good time to buy.
Right now they were only taking two or three residents a year, but that might increase to four just have to wait and see. So next year will be the first year with a PGY5 in the program, 2 PGY4's, 2 PGY3's, 3 PGY2's, so it is building up to be a nice reputable program, it's just going to take some time.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Great experience, really enjoyed everyone and it's nice and hot here if you hate the snow.


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