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Alabama August 12, 2007 19612
review from rotator and resident

Program Review

Staff / Faculty / Chairman
Chairman is a great guy. Spine surgeon. Has the residents and the program at the forefront and really cares about the residents. An advocate for sure.
Didactics / Teaching
Was not a strong point in the past, but recently the entire program was started on the orthobullets daily study plan. This along with lectures from the attendings really adds to the didactics of the program.
Operating Experience
This is 2nd to none. Really the strength of the program. Trauma is where residents learn to operate and the trauma experience here is great. Residents get to operate early and often. Interns are doing nails and amputations with the guidance of upper levels.
Clinic Experience
Good clinical experience. Residents rotate through a variety of services over their 5 years. These services have an adequate portions of both OR and clinical experience.
Research Opportunities
Its there if you want it. Residents must complete one research project that is their own by the time they graduate. Residents can do just one and be done, or can publish 10 times a year. Both styles are welcome.
Great group of guys. Everyone gets along real well and they hang out in their free time. Will get together for beers after lecture or on the weekends.
great lifestyle for the residents. They work hard on trauma and a few other rotations, but make up for it with a regular life on other rotations.
Location / Housing
Great location in the south. Birmingham is a growing city with lots of opportunity. The city has really changed in the past 5 years. There are several breweries in town with a great minor league baseball team. The surrounding area has ample opportunity for hiking, fishing and mountain biking. Housing is readily available. You can buy 3 bed 2 bath houses within 10 minutes of the hospital for 180-250k. Tons of apartments to rent from as well. Can live downtown and walk to the hospital or in one of the nearby neighborhoods.
UAB definitely isnt a research powerhouse. Its great for those who want to be in the south, but the city and area maybe a limitation for some.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Overall, great program. They are rotator heavy and if you want to match you really need to consider rotating here for a shot.


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