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  1. Leader in healing innovations Bioventus, Inc. has decided to move forward with a $50 million escrow payment, pursuant to a purchase agreement with Kfar Saba, Israel-based CartiHeal Ltd. The payment shows the company’s intent to follow through with its option to acquire CartiHeal and thus CartiHeal’s trademarked product Agili-C™, a proprietary implant for treatment of […]

  2. Signs of the times. Semi-conductor chips are the new oil. The “Age of Information” continues its inevitable march across industries. Autonomous trucks. Q-codes instead of menus. And smart, really smart, implants and robotic assist devices in surgery. Software and ever more powerful semi-conductor chips, in other words, are creating new delivery and supplier eco-systems all […]

  3. Starting this month, many Texas physicians, including orthopedists, will no longer have to wait on prior authorization from health insurance companies to treat patients. Texas House Bill 3459 was passed on June 18, 2021, and officially went into effect on September 1, 2021. The bill was sponsored by the following: Texas Representative Greg Bonnen, M.D.; […]

  4. Columbus, Ohio-based IncludeHealth, Inc., via a partnership with Mountain View, California-based Google and Toledo, Ohio-based ProMedica, has unveiled its proprietary Musculoskeletal Operating System (MSK-OS™). IncludeHealth is a digital musculoskeletal health company and, for the past two years, has been developing its MSK-OS platform which, according to the company, is a "hardware-free, device-agnostic platform” to deliver […]
  5. Large Joints and Extremities
    IncludeHealth, Google, and ProMedica unveils Include’s Musculoskeletal Operating System (MSK-OS™). A couple of the platform’s features are that it provides “measurable post estimation technology” and a “proprietary clinical intelligence and tools.”
  6. Legal & Regulatory and Reimbursement
    Many Texas physicians no longer have to wait on prior authorization to treat patients. “Eight in 10 Texas physicians reported having to obtain prior authorization for medical procedures and even common, generic prescriptions. Four-fifths (85%) reported prior authorizations delayed patient care, often leading to an adverse event for their patient.”
  7. Company News
    Four powerful “Age of Information” trends seem poised to transform patient interventions up and down the continuum of care, upend business models and redefine product design. Here are 10 ways these new technologies will transform your practice and your business.
  8. Company News
    Bioventus, leader in healing innovations, has decided to move forward with a $50 million escrow payment, pursuant to a purchase agreement with CartiHeal. CartiHeal’s innovative Agili-C was granted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Breakthrough Device Designation last year.

  9. Campbell Clinic staff adds Chad Campion, M.D., Carson Rider, M.D. Wesley Owen M.D. and Matthew Gilbert, M.D.
  10. Spine
    In 1980s Cleveland, at a hospital named Charity, a remarkable group of engineers, surgeons and staff incubated the start of modern spine surgery. Here is Part II of the story of A. Seth Greenwald, Art Steffee, Frank Janson, Jim Moran, Jack Geiger, Terry Stahurski and the entire Cleveland Research Institute staff.