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Medscape Orthopaedics Headlines
  1. The monoclonal antibody tanezumab reduces cancer pain in patients already taking opioids but questions remain over the durability of its effect and its bone safety.
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  2. Those of African-Caribbean descent who reside at higher latitude, lower UVB-exposure regions show vitamin D deficiencies. Supplementation can help.
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  3. In this article, the authors describe a technique for fluorescence-guided bone debridement with the preoperative administration of doxycycline.
    Current Orthopaedic Practice
  4. The health system is seeking $1 million in damages against internist and cardiologist Peter McCullough, MD, for allegedly continuing to claim an affiliation after signing a separation agreement.
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  5. Patients with hand osteoarthritis or psoriatic arthritis who used cannabidiol as an add-on analgesic had results similar to those of placebo.
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  6. Readers weighed in on Dr Vega's management of a patient with hip pain. Here's the crowdsourced opinion.
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  7. A national survey of more than 6,000 residents in emergency medicine found that nearly half had experienced some form of workplace mistreatment in the prior year.
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  8. High-performing athletes possess many of the skills and attributes that physicians need, supporters of the strategy say.
  9. Learn more about anterior tibialis tendon ruptures and the best ways to diagnose and manage these rare injuries.
    Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  10. Preoperative PROMIS scores may help identify which lumbar spine surgery patients are more likely to achieve successful outcomes.
  11. Virologist Florian Krammer talks about how much we should worry about the Delta virus and the truth about antibody tests.
  12. In today's rapidly changing world, it's particularly wise to make smart financial choices. Here are five things you can do to hold onto your money and even increase your stash.
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  13. While early studies suggested increased risk of myocarditis in athletes who've recovered from COVID-19, a new study assessing the likelihood of cardiac complications in athletes is more encouraging.