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Medscape Orthopaedics Headlines
  1. A better understanding of the factors impacting the prognosis of elderly patients with spine metastasis could help improve survival.
  2. A new review looks at the types of free tissue transfer used in the reconstruction of lower limb injuries in children. What are the available options?
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the role of virtual technology in the delivery of nonpharmacological chronic pain treatments, but it has also disrupted research in this field.
  4. Talking with Eric Topol and Abraham Verghese, Walter Isaacson describes the stories behind his latest book, 'The Codebreaker,' including how he contrived a Zoom meeting between key players who'd drifted apart.
  5. Somehow, Kamali Thompson balanced medical training and preparing for the world's biggest sporting stage. Starting residency during the Olympics isn't going to be easy, but she says she's ready.
    Medscape Medical News
  6. A new review explores the potential exciting new role machine learning could have in the management of spondylolisthesis.
    Current Orthopaedic Practice
  7. Every year, a torrent of cash and other compensation flows to these surgeons from manufacturers of hardware for spinal implants, artificial knees, and hip joints, an analysis of government data shows.
    Kaiser Health News
  8. Dreams can feel random and disjointed but might actually serve a higher function, helping you prepare for what's ahead, according to new research findings.
    WebMD Health News
  9. The rates and volumes of prescribed opioid pain medications after carpal tunnel release have declined in recent years. What factors have contributed to this downward trend?
    Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  10. The Cribsiders reflect on the big changes that have taken place in the recommendations for pediatric mild traumatic brain injury.
    The Cribsiders
  11. Are spine surgery patients with a history of cannabis abuse at a greater risk for perioperative adverse events?
  12. This report presents a case of comminuted fractures of the interphalangeal joints that were successfully treated with dynamic external fixation.
  13. Learn more about the principles of effective management for these complex injuries.
    Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons