Dr. Forsythe encourages his fellows to become independent researchers who will learn to propose, design, and publish their own projects. Consequently, the alumni of the Forsythe Research Fellowship are a tight knit group who remain active in research and continue to collaborate with the Forsythe Research Group years after their research fellowship.This unique position will allow the research fellows to work closely with residents, fellows, and faculty at Rush. Research fellows will also have extensive opportunities for publication and presentation of research at national and international conferences. Our team provides the unique opportunity to work for a leader in orthopedic sports medicine, close collaboration with Midwest Orthopaedic at Rush's own biomechanical department, and a fast-paced clinical research lab determined to produce high quality, novel research.

Fellows per year 2
Position Title: Clinical Research Fellow
Positions: 2
Duration: 1 year
Who: US medical students between M3/M4 interested in Orthopedic Surgery. Only USA students will be considered (we are unable to support visa requirements).
Where: Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center, Division of Sports Medicine, Chicago, IL.
When: Start date is flexible between May 2023-June 2023.
Salary: A monthly cost-of-living stipend is provided

Current Areas of Active Research      

  • Return to Sport and Return to Play
  • Biological Therapies (BMAC, PRP, amniotic products, etc.)
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Database Studies: Health Claims and National Registry Databases
  • Procedure-Specific Outcomes and Complications
  • Biomechanical Studies pertaining to the shoulder/knee
  • Trends in Surgical Management
  • Neurosensory feedback for Sports Performance and Rehabilitation
  • Machine Learning Models for Predicting Surgical Outcomes
  • Video-Based Surgical Technique Papers 

Specific Prerequisites and Characteristics of a Successful Future Research Fellow:

  • Organized, detail-oriented, proactive and a self-starter
    • This research position places you as the research coordinator for a busy research group. In this position, you will be expected to manage all ongoing projects and serve as point-person for communication with lab managers, industry and outside institution collaborators, and Rush’s Institutional Review Board. A successful Research Fellow will be able to coordinate these day-to-day tasks with minimal oversight.
    • Dr. Forsythe encourages Research Fellows to propose ideas and design their own projects. A major goal of this fellowship is to help students become more independent researchers who are in-tune to the major issues facing orthopedic surgeons today.
  • Strong motivation for a career in orthopaedic surgery, with proven research interest
  • Strong academic record
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Strong interest in conducting biomechanical studies, coordinating randomized clinical trials, and conducting database research
  • Desire to become proficient in data analysis and utilize statistical principles
    • A coding background in R is not required, but will be invaluable in executing research methodology 
    • All research fellows are expected/encouraged to learn how to conduct statistical analyses
  • Desire to learn basic video-editing skills

  Benefits of the Position:

  • Expectation to publish 15-25 publications/chapters/abstracts at conclusion of research year
  • Bolstering competitiveness for a position in an orthopaedic surgery residency
  • Collaboration with Sports Medicine Fellows, Residents, and other sports Attendings
  • Opportunities to observe surgical procedures
  • Ample opportunities to attend Orthopaedic Grand Rounds, Sports Conferences, Journal Clubs, and Cadaver Labs
  • Opportunities to present research at Orthopaedic Conferences
  • Dr. Forsythe expects all applicants to be able to match into Orthopedic Surgery and is an excellent advocate for the candidate during the match process


Interested candidates should send the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Subject line: 2023-2024 Research Fellowship - Last Name, First Name

- A brief cover letter detailing interest in the position


- Unofficial medical school transcript 

- Shelf score reports as available (Surgery and Internal Medicine preferred)

- Preferred start date

Optional: Candidates are encouraged to send other score reports if available (MCAT, Step I/II) 

Application Deadline: February 15, 2023. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.