Position Title: Clinical Research Coordinator

Positions: Filled

Duration: 1 year

Where: Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center, Division of Sports Medicine, Chicago, IL.

When: Beginning Approx. May-June 2016

Salary: A monthly stipend is provided

Under the direction of Dr. Nikhil Verma

Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

Director of Clinical Research



Duties of the research coordinator will include:

  • Coordination of all research projects including both clinical and biomechanical projects
  • Dissection/Testing of cadaveric specimens for research purposes
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Submission of protocols to the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Drafting and assisting in the writing/editing of sports medicine/orthopedic surgery book chapters and textbooks


Specific Prerequisites and Characteristics of the coordinators should include:

  • Strong motivation for a career in orthopaedic surgery
  • Proven interest in research
  • MUST be extremely organized
  • MUST be detail oriented
  • MUST be able to self manage
  • Strong academic record

 Benefits of the position:

  • The fellow should expect to have 10-20 publications/chapters/abstracts by the end of the research year
  • This will undoubtedly bolster and enhance competitiveness for a position in an orthopaedic surgery residency
  • The ability to collaborate with Sports Medicine Fellows, orthopaedic residents, and other sports attendings
  • Opportunities to observe surgical procedures
  • Ample opportunities to attend Orthopaedic Grand Rounds, Sports Conferences, Journal Clubs, and Cadaver Labs
  • Opportunities to present research at Orthopaedic Conferences

Dr. Verma expects all applicants to be able to match into Orthopedic Surgery and will help the candidate during the match process.