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Orthogate is back with a new look. We have separated our site into two main sections - For Professionals and For Patients so that we could better organize how we provide content and resources to our community. This was a large upgrade and if you run into any issues with your logins or posting on the forums please let me know. We are still finishing up some of the new resources like the Fellowship Program reviews and comprehensive listings for Specialists. Always interested in your feedback. Best regards Christian

I have made several of the talks from the AAOS 2008 Electronic Skills Pavillion available online. Finding Orthopaedic Knowledge Online Search Engine Marketing for Your Practice Website Inbox Zero - Managing Email Overload If you are interesting in see additional presentation on orthopaedic informatics then checkout the Workshops area from the main menu. I will be adding additional presentations and topics. 

I have pulled a couple of late nighters getting the patient education section restored and have migrated over the cases from OrthoNet to the new Orthogate server. I will not be relaunching OrthoNet because frankly there just is not enough interest or support from residents and faculty at the University of Toronto to justify its maintenance. Here is a road map for additional features/projects that are in the plans:

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MedShape Solutions, Inc. Announces First FDA-cleared Shape Memory PEEK device; Closing of $10M Equity Offering MedShape Solutions, Inc. announced today the first FDA cleared shape memory PEEK (polyaryletheretherketone) device for orthopedics using proprietary shape memory PEEK AlteraTM material.  The MorphixTM Suture Anchor was recently granted FDA clearance and will be released to select U.S. markets in the coming months.  Over $2.5B of PEEK-based implants are sold every year in the field of orthopedics.  These devices range from spinal cages to suture anchors and across all sectors of orthopedics.  As a material, PEEK provides excellent benefits such as strength, radiolucency and reliability.

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The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Inc. announces two new executive appointments.  Mr. Kent Anderson was appointed CEO/Publisher on January 4, 2010 and Vernon T. Tolo, M.D. will take office as Editor-in-Chief on April 1, 2010. Mr. Anderson and Dr. Tolo replace James D. Heckman, M.D. who is retiring after serving for ten years as Editor-in-Chief and CEO of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, American Volume (JBJS). 

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