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by John Langland     August 28, 2007    
(Updated: January 01, 2012)
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Albert Einstein Orthopaedic Surgery

Program Review

Staff / Faculty / Chairman
I think there are several staff at SLU that are truly exceptional (Puryear and Watson for example) and most of the others are at least above average. Like all programs, there are some staff that are more difficult to work with, but all in all I think they are a positive for the program. The are best known for their trauma staff (Moed, Watson, Karges, Boudreau) and several are considered top in their respective niches. I think Dr. Moed can be a little intimidating, but in the end he is nice and definitely pro-resident.
Didactics / Teaching
Remarkable. Didactic lectures are 5 days a week. It includes: 30-45 minute fracture conference reviewing the previous days cases, and interesting OR cases; mainly focused on the junior residents..every case seen by the resident must be presented by that particular resident, and they will be asked a plethora of questions about classification (fracture), treatments, complications, anatomy. Questions are NOT malignant. After fracture conference there is a lecture given by a resident (each month the chief resident compiles a book of various interesting pertinent articles from JAAOS, JBJS, books, etc. Again, a lot of benign pimping in this session as well. If exams are a measure of success...the average OITE last two years has been over 90%. Review sessions are held daily as the exam comes closer. Fridays are grand rounds, presentations are M&M, interesting cases, Research etc. The Chairman is usually present, and is very involved with education.
Operating Experience
Top Notch. As the junior resident you will learn to operate very early. Most residents finish with over 2000 cases. The more aggressive the more cases you get.
Clinic Experience
Each attending has their own clinic (ie hand clinic ,foot and ankle, spine, joints etc). Residents are expected to attend, diagnose, and formulate their own treatment plan.
Research Opportunities
New wonderful addition, complete with biomechanical testing, cell culture labs. Residents are free to research what they desire, it is challenging in that the resident is INTIMATELY involved in research. There are no grad students etc doing your work. The benefit is, any research you publish ,the department will sponsor you to present it. (Past residents have gone to Puerto Rico, Bahamas, California, Italy, Vail, Colorado, etc).
This is a family. Everyone knows everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Senior residents are always available, and look forward to teaching juniors operative skills, how to assess patients in the ED etc.
work hard, play hard.
Location / Housing
North Philadelphia. Mainly penetrating/blunt trauma. Level I center.
none seen.
Overall Rotation Experience / Conclusion
Bottom line: 2 residents a year, a wealth of OR/clinical experience. The ability to grow wings very early on and make decisions. Bright YOUNG attendings that are energetic, and want to create the next generation of orthopaedic surgeon. I ranked them #1 out of over 25 regrets whatsoever.


I am a current resident of this program.
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