Let’s face it, the unknown of an upcoming knee replacement is scary. What is involved in a total knee replacement? What are my options? What decisions do I need to make beforehand? We think knowledge is power, so read on and get better informed about your upcoming knee replacement surgery.

Arriving at the point of requiring knee replacement surgery is becoming more common than ever before. Every year, greater numbers of Americans—young and old—are undergoing knee replacement surgery. In fact, the CDC reported a record high of 719,000 total knee replacements last year alone. This figure does not include partial knee replacements which are estimated to account for an additional 5-10% more surgeries.

These figures also don’t represent the enormous short and long-term success of the knee surgery. According to numerous studies, the patient satisfaction rate for a total knee replacement is among the highest of any orthopaedic procedure, sitting between the 80-90+% mark. Additionally, 10 years after surgery, 90-95% of implants are still fully functional.

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