Discussing sex in any amount of detail with a medical professional can be uncomfortable. So much so, it can take mature adults right back to that “sinking in chair” feeling from junior high sex-ed class. Take the topic of sex and add it to the fact that you’ll be undergoing surgery, are in pain, and have likely endured limited mobility for some time, and the topic becomes even more overwhelming. For these reasons, we’ve decided to put together this no-holds-barred post on all things post-op sex. With the guidance of orthopaedic surgeons, Dr. Nima Mehran and Dr. Trevor North, we’ll walk you through some FAQ, break down safe positions for men and women after their replacements, and encourage some Q and A (doctor advised) in our comments section.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

But before we do, it’s worth sharing that majority of patients report that their sex lives improved dramatically after having a hip or knee replacement. In fact, according to a controlled study put out by a group of New York physicians measuring patient sex lives after joint replacement surgery:

  • 42% of post-op patients reported an improvement in libido
  • 36% of patients reported increased intercourse duration
  • 41% of patients reported increased intercourse frequency
  • 55% had improved sexual self-image
  • 84% had improvement in general well-being
  • 90% patients had improved overall sexual function (with a higher rate of improvement for total hip replacement patients).

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