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Dr. Shailendra Patil
Aditi Hospital Mulund ‘Alhad 185 / R,
Opp. Kalidas Sports Complex, Purushottam Kheraj Rd,
Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080

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The most precise Knee replacement surgery giving patients the best possible movement and comfort for a long time.

How Does it Work?

Surgical removal of the affected joints is the best way to get rid of extreme arthritic pain. In this treatment plan, the joints that are damaged beyond repair are removed and replaced with artificial implants. Although it is the most invasive procedure, modern technology and automation have made knee replacement safer for patients.

In the CUVIS joint knee replacement surgery, the physician takes a CT scan of your knee and develops a 3D image of the area. This model is used to perform surgery with the help of a robotic arm. This robotic machine follows the 3D model to make precise cuts in the affected area and inserts implants in a proper position.

Arthritis surgery through CUVIS Joint offers a personalized treatment plan to the patient experiencing extreme joint pain. As mentioned earlier, a 3D image of the affected joint is captured in the CT scan. These pictures help physicians plan the surgery. At this stage, the physicians decide the dimensions for implants and the area where they should be inserted.

Based on the 3D model of the patient’s joint, the robots choose accurate artificial implants and insert them precisely into the damaged area.


See the system in action


Robotic Knee Replacement: Get Rid of the Constant Knee Pain

Common Types of Arthritis

Arthritis affecting your knee joints can make your daily life super stressful. The common types of arthritis people experience are:

  • Osteoarthritis (OA): Osteoarthritis occurs because of extreme wear and tear of your knee joints. It damages your cartilage and is one of the most common types of arthritis.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system of your body attacks the healthy cells, damaging your cartilage.
  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis (PA): As the name suggests, post-traumatic arthritis occurs years after you have experienced a knee injury.


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The most precise Knee replacement surgery giving patients the best possible movement and comfort for a long time.

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