JBJS is helping celebrate Peer Review Week 2016 by formally recognizing some of its top reviewers for their contributions. Each day during Peer Review Week 2016, JBJS will profile three different top reviewers on OrthoBuzz. The week will culminate with a listing of our current Elite Reviewers.

Today, let’s meet Harry McKellop, Gordon Groh, and Philipp Moroder:

Dr. A-Harry McKellop, Ph.D - 022.jpg
Harry McKellop, PhD

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
It helps to keep me informed of the latest accomplishments in research; I usually
am able to suggest ways for the authors to improve their manuscripts; in the end,
it is a benefit to the orthopaedic community and the patients.
How do you find time to review for JBJS?
I am a “retired” emeritus professor; but I always considered reviewing
for JBJS as an enjoyable way for giving  back to the profession.
What do you see as JBJS’ role in shaping the future of orthopaedics?
The research and clinical papers provide valuable information and guidelines
for improving the quality of care to the patients.

Dr. Groh Headshot 2016.jpg
Gordon Groh, MD
Mission Health

What do you like best about reviewing for JBJS?
Reviewing offers me the opportunity to “make a bigger impact.

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