OF_Sarmiento.pngThe November 2, 2016 issue of JBJS contains the second of a series of personal essays in which orthopaedic clinicians tell a story about a high-impact lesson they learned that has altered their worldview, enhanced them personally, and positively affected the care they provide as orthopaedic physicians.

The second “What’s Important” piece comes from Dr. Augusto Sarmiento of the University of Miami School of Medicine. In his essay titled “Putting Patients First,” Dr. Sarmiento emphasizes that quality patient care must always outweigh orthopaedist self-interest.

If you would like JBJS to consider your “What’s Important” story for publication, please submit a manuscript via Editorial Manager. When asked to select an article type, please choose Orthopaedic Forum and include “What’s Important:” at the beginning of the title.

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