Dr. Della Valle and Dr. Nam are seeking ambitious medical students (between their 3rd and 4th years) who are interested in pursuing a year-long clinical research fellowship at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. Dr. Della Valle and Dr. Nam both work in the renowned Joint Reconstruction Division at Rush and Dr. Della Valle is the current Chief of the Adult Joint Reconstruction Division. This unique position allows the research assistant to work closely with attendings, fellows, residents, and faculty at Rush, gaining valuable exposure to Orthopaedic Joint Reconstruction surgery. The research assistant will also have opportunities to assist attendings with completing research projects, publications, and presentations of research at various conferences.

Position Title: Clinical Research Assistant

Duration: 1 year

Location: Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago IL

Start Date: June 2021

Salary: $35,000

Prerequisites for the position include:

- MUST be a medical student between their 3rd and 4th years who will have successfully completed their 3rd year of medical school prior to start date

- Ability to start on campus within the recommended time frame

- Strong motivation for a career in Orthopaedic surgery

- Evident interest in research and strong academic record

- MUST be extremely organized and detail oriented

- MUST have strong communication skills

- MUST be able to self-manage and work independently

- MUST be able to work efficiently with clinical staff and multidisciplinary teams


Research responsibilities include:

- Coordination of the principal investigators' research projects

- Consenting patients for studies, follow-up with patients in clinic or by phone, and administration of research study pre-operative and post-operative forms and exams

- Data entry into EMR platforms and uploading of research documents to electronic platforms

- Enrolling patients into the research database and maintaining weekly lists of surgical research cases

- Submission of protocols to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) with guidance working closely with the Dr. Della Valle's Director of Research

- Drafting/editing/production of Orthopaedic manuscripts and abstracts along with preparation of posters/presentations for conferences

- Interface and coordination of projects with attendings, fellows, residents, and other research personnel


Benefits of the position:

- The research assistant should expect to have multiple papers/abstracts/presentations accepted or in publication by the end of the research year

- Enhance competitiveness for a position in Orthopaedic surgery residency

- Opportunities to collaborate with Joint Reconstruction attendings, fellows, residents, and other research personnel

- Opportunities to observe surgical procedures and master physical exam Orthopaedic assessments

- Opportunities to attend Orthopaedic Grand Rounds and Joint Reconstruction Conferences

- Opportunities to present research at national Orthopaedic surgery conferences

- Dr. Della Valle and Dr. Nam fully expect their research assistants to match into Orthopaedic Surgery at one of their preferred residency programs


Interested applicants should send an email with the following items to our research team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. A brief cover letter detailing your background and interest in the position

2. CV with USMLE Step 1 score (and Step 2 scores, if available)

3. Projected start date for the position in June 2021

The application deadline is February 1, 2021. Applicants will be contacted for a phone/video interview shortly thereafter. Thank you for your interest in this position

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