This position is primarily responsible for performing assays in various projects and includes validating methods, monitoring quality control, and managing project timelines for multiple projects simultaneously. In addition, the individual is also responsible for administrative and scientific responsibilities including literature research and review, grant submissions, project report preparation, and budgeting. Overall, the incumbent will be responsible for supporting the laboratory manager technically and administratively.

The UMN has suspended hiring for most positions. However, we will continue hiring for positions critical to the University's mission and operations at this time. Applications are being accepted for this position and you are encouraged to apply. In-person interviews are suspended indefinitely and will be replaced by interviews in a virtual format. Thank you for your continued interest in working at the University of Minnesota.


All required qualifications must be documented on application materials

Required Qualifications
• Bachelor's Degree in biological sciences plus one year of research experience, or an equivalent combination of education and research experience to equal five years
• 1-3 years work related experience in a laboratory
• Proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Previous experience working in a lab following proper biological safety requirements for BSL2 labs with knowledge of chemical waste and biological waste removal
• Demonstrated excellence in verbal and written communication and ability to maintain adequate laboratory records
• Ability to problem solve and prioritizing tasks
• Attention to detail and follow-through on tasks
• Ability to work as a team but also independently

Preferred Qualifications
• Ability to lift 50lbs
• Familiar with proper pipetting technique and sample handling
• Experience with DNA extraction from whole blood, buffy coat, and serum/plasma
• Experience with single and multiplex ELISAs and immunoassays

Responsibilities/Essential Functions
1. Performing laboratory assays for various projects (50% Effort)
Independently plan and perform experiments for multiple projects simultaneously. Perform laboratory methods while staying on track with project timelines, ensuring good quality data and record keeping. Each project needs to be planned according to the given project timeline, investigator’s priorities of testing, and minimal volume expenditure. All samples need to be analyzed in a minimal number of freeze/thaw cycles therefore, this position needs to plan multiple protocols simultaneously to conserve freeze/thaw cycles and maintain integrity of the samples. This position needs to plan appropriate quality control measures for each experiment taking into account the unique nature of various testing protocols, sample types, and analytical factors (gender, pregnancy status, various diseases).
2. Monitoring assay performance (20% Effort)
Independently monitoring quality control as the project(s) proceeds and making adjustments and troubleshooting deviations in real time is required (with input from laboratory manager). Evaluating experiments at various time points, including evaluating expected mean and ranges of samples as well as all quality control measures, is expected to be reported to laboratory manager in a concise but informative way. Various meetings are to be set up and initiated by this position with the laboratory manager to keep up-to-date on projects and discuss any issues and troubleshooting measures required throughout the project.
3. Topic research and literature reviews (10% Effort)
Independently research various areas of interest to the laboratory, including recent methodologies and recent publications associated with topics of current interest. Rigorously review topics associated with current projects to ensure laboratory protocols are relevant and gold standard of testing, appropriate quality control measures are being used, new technology is evaluated, updated expected ranges and normal values are reported, and possible issues regarding project goals and hypotheses are considered throughout the projects and future similar projects.
4. Assay feasibility determination (10% Effort)
Participate in evaluating method costs, supply comparisons, reagent and chemical comparisons, and instrument evaluations. Help maintain instrument maintenance logs, laboratory personnel safety trainings, and other laboratory-related records to ensure we are up-to-date on all safety measures. Participate in the drafting and editing of grant/contract proposals, cost evaluations, and project reports for the laboratory and various projects.
5. Informal Supervisor (10% Effort)
Independently and in collaboration with other laboratory personnel and manager, supervise students and lower level laboratory technicians with projects including freezer inventory, supply and chemical inventory, and cold room inventory and maintenance. Ensure that employees are recording and updating freezer inventory logs including incoming projects, transferring of samples to other freezers and outside laboratories, and returning project samples to repository. Importantly, ensuring that sample boxes are labelled correctly to ease identification in the freezers and ensuring that all samples are placed in their recorded position. Help maintain freezer maintenance and cleaning schedule, prompting individuals when maintenance or cleaning is due. Taking responsibility for samples, supplies, and chemicals/reagents upon arrival making sure to record date received and expiration dates in logs and ensuring proper storage. This will be done with help from students and other staff and the position is expected to ensure all is properly performed.

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