The Atrium Health Musculoskeletal Institute, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, is hiring for a clinical research fellowship to begin in the Summer of 2019 with the Division of Sports Medicine and Shoulder/Elbow surgery at OrthoCarolina(Charlotte, NC).

This opportunity will allow the research fellow to work with leaders in the field including Drs. James Fleischli, Patrick Connor, Dana Piasecki, Shadley Schiffern, Nady Hamid, Durham Weeks, and Bryan Saltzman. We have current studies and plans for future research efforts in the such topics as advancing surgical techniques, return to sport criteria, reporting outcomes from various shoulder/elbow/hip/knee surgeries, and better understanding the evolving world of OrthoBiologics.  

The Research Division is actively involved in department and system efforts to improve patient outcomes through the development and implementation of interventions to deliver evidence-based clinical decision support in novel ways.  The Clinical Research Fellow will engage in retrospective/prospective clinical outcome, national database query, basic science, cadaveric and biomechanical research efforts by preparing and managing IRB protocols, drafting abstracts, implementing research designs, collecting data, and identifying and recruiting patients into clinical studies. OrthoCarolina and its partnership with Atrium Health is known for being a leading site for a suite of nationwide, multi-center, studies funded by the Department of Defense called the Major Extremity Trauma and Rehabilitation Consortium (METRC; 

There will be 1 positionavailable for this clinical research fellowship, and will last for1 year from the Summer 2019-2020. A monthly stipend will be provided as salary.  Applicants should have completed a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, public health, or other related science field; in particular, this opportunity is valuable to medical students between M2/M3 or M3/M4 interested in Orthopedic Surgery, or individuals with an intention on pursuing a career in the health sciences. We are looking for those individuals with a strong work ethic who are independent, organized, eager and motivated to learn and contribute to our research efforts. One must be able to work effectively in a team environment, demonstrate excellent organizational and communication skills, and be able to prioritize multiple tasks. From the year-long experience, the Clinical Research Fellow can expect to publish 10+ peer-reviewed journal articles, textbook chapters, and/or abstracts with the potential to present at local/national conferences. The Research Fellow will also have the benefit of attending Orthopedic grand rounds and resident/fellow educational lectures/conferences, observing clinic and surgical procedures with the Sports attendings, and collaborating with the attendings/fellows/residents/research staff. Through mentorship opportunities during and after the year-long position, bolstering the CV through research publications and Orthopedic experience, and networking, the expectation is that the Clinical Research Fellow would be in prime position to pursue an Orthopedic Surgery residency.


Interested candidates should send a CV and brief Cover Letter to Dr. Bryan Saltzman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).