The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc. presents this Webinar entitled: "Managing Shoulder Instability: Open or Arthroscopic Treatment?"

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Of all the major joints in the human body, the one most likely to dislocate is the glenohumeral joint. Moreover, when trauma is the cause of the dislocation, 90% of the time the humeral head goes out anteriorly. 

The surgical approach to anterior shoulder instability—open versus arthroscopic—has been hotly debated in the orthopaedic community and is the subject of this complimentary JBJS Reviews webinar broadcast n June 30, 2015. Moderated by JBJS Reviews Editor Thomas A. Einhorn, MD, this hour-long webinar parsed out the debate by examining the latest evidence as presented in a JBJS Reviews article titled "Open and Arthroscopic Anterior Shoulder Stabilization," co-authored by Frank Cordasco, MD. Dr. Cordasco presented salient conclusions from the article, including refined indications for both open and arthroscopic shoulder stabilization. 

Two additional shoulder experts—Andrew Green, MD and Brad Parsons, MD—shared their perspectives on the article and their own experiences managing anterior shoulder instability.