ICRS Skills Course - Regenerative Medicine for the Treatment of the Knee

The mission of the Mobility Clinic of the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht is to preserve the knee joint in young patients with cartilage damage and osteoarthritis as long as possible.

Our philosophy is that this emerging medical problem deserves attention from a broad perspective. Therefore, we aim to combine our basic science research with patient care with a special focus on joint preserving regenerative therapies. In Utrecht, we have a very long history of collaboration between clinicians, veterinarians, and translational and basic scientists. This is now highlighted in the organization of two parallel skills courses: one for surgical skills and one for laboratory skills. In the true spirit of the ICRS, we will bring together the participants of these two skills courses to foster the interaction between clinicians and translational/basic scientists. Besides hands-on workshops, we will also specifically dedicate time to highlight how the basic scientist-clinician interaction and collaboration could fruitfully take place on a daily basis.

Utrecht is well known for its basic research on cartilage regeneration and bioprinting, as well as for its development of multiple joint preserving techniques, like knee joint distraction and a one-stage-cellular cartilage repair treatment. Furthermore, multiple (multicenter) clinical trials for cartilage repair have been performed. This provides, together with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Hubrecht Institute, a unique translational ecosystem that will be the setting for these dual ICRS skills Courses.

We set up combined plenary sessions with very experienced faculty. Two parallel tracks are organised. One for basic/translational researchers at the Hubrecht Institute and one for the clinicians including cadaveric surgery at the UMC Utrecht. Part of the course is also an inspiring visit to the fantastic facilities of the Dutch Soccer Association (KNVB), which is located very close to the UMC Utrecht.

Surgical Skills Track Junior Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 390.0;
Surgical Skills Track ICRS Member Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 490.0;
Surgical Skills Track Non-ICRS Member Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 550.0;
Laboratory Science Skills Track Junior Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 250.0;
Laboratory Science Skills Track ICRS Member Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 350.0;
Laboratory Science Skills Track Non-ICRS Member Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 400.0;
Lectures only Junior Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 150.0;
Lectures only ICRS Member Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 200.0;
Lectures only Non-ICRS Member Early Bird (until June 12/20): EUR 250.0

Speakers: Jos Malda, Roel Custers, Daniel Saris, Peter Angele , Mats Brittberg, Pieter Emans , Marcel Karperien , Daniel Kelly, Anders Lindahl, Simin Mastbergen, Philipp Niemeyer, Gian Salzmann, Nienke Van Egmond, Ronald Van Heerwaarden, Rene Van Weeren, Lucienne Vonk, Harrie Weimans, Frank Zauke

Venue details: Grand Hotel Karel V, Geertebolwerk 1, 3511 XA, Utrecht, Netherlands

Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | Orthopedics

on Thursday September 24, 2020 at 8:00 am (ends Saturday September 26, 2020 at 12:30 pm)