The Leapfrog Group has released its Fall 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, which assigns grade ratings to 2,632 general acute-care hospitals in the United States. 


The organization’s bi-annual state rankings analysis notes significant improvement in five states (Oregon, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Idaho) since the inception of the Safety Grades in 2012. Additional findings include:

Overall, 832 hospitals earned an "A" rating, 662 earned a "B" rating, 964 earned a "C" rating, 159 earned a "D" rating, and 15 an "F" rating.

Fifty-nine hospitals nationwide have achieved an "A" in every scoring update since the launch of the Safety Grade.

The five states with the highest percentage of "A" hospitals in the current report are Rhode Island, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho, and Virginia.

The five states with the lowest percentage of "A" hospitals are North Dakota, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, and New York.

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