More than sixty thousand Canadians per year and climbing get knee replacement surgery. A U.S study published last week in the British Medical Journal finds that a good number of patients south of the border may be getting new knees before they need them.

The study by researchers in the U.S. and the Netherlands looked at just under 4,500 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and those at high risk of arthritis. They looked at the impact of knee replacement surgery on patients and the cost of the surgery to the system. Overall, each patient benefited somewhat from the surgery with better quality of life. For patients with moderate arthritis, the improvement was modest; for those with severe arthritis, it was substantial. When they looked at the cost of the surgery plus hospital charges, they found that knee replacements were cost effective only in patients with bad arthritis. The authors concluded that knee replacement surgery should be restricted to more severely affected patients. Learn more...

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