Free Book for Students Needs (Free) Student Copy-Editors

In conjunction with United States Bone and Joint Initiative, The Codman Group will soon release ORTHOPAEDIA, a free on-line, peer-reviewed textbook of musculoskeletal medicine for medical students.

The Hand, Foot/Ankle, Sports, and Pediatric volumes are complete. (You can see them and the other volumes under development here: .

The completed volumes have been peer reviewed by expert attending physicians and surgeons. Just as important if not more, they were also expertly copy-edited by medical student volunteers too. These student editors not only found the inevitable errors, they were able to share a student's perspective on how to present the material optimally to novice readers. Their work made the final product so much better.

The Fracture, Spine, Tumor and Arthritis sections have been written and are undergoing peer review. Thereafter, they will need copy-editing. Your help is requested.

(The task is open to medical students and residents of all years--even first year students have contributed, so please pass this notice to any student who does not read Orthogate but might be interested nonetheless.)

Because the book is being offered for free, the cash payment for this work is also zero. Needless to say, however, all participants will acknowledged in the text. In addition, all volunteers will be sent a printed copy of the work once released. (Many students have reported learning a thing or two as well.)

If you are interested, please send an email to Joe Bernstein (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the subject line ORTHOPAEDIA EDIT.

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