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1. Safe Parameters for Utilizing Magnetic Growth Rods in Patient With a Vagal Nerve Stimulator and Case Report.
  Law J, Shahbazian JH, Elliott MJ.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e289-e292. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001294.
  PMID: 30839480 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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2. Pediatric Forearm Fractures Are Effectively Immobilized With a Sugar-Tong Splint Following Closed Reduction.
  Dittmer AJ, Molina D 4th, Jacobs CA, Walker J, Muchow RD.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e245-e247. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001291.
  PMID: 30839473 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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3. The Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) Adopts a Member Health and Wellness Charter.
  Goldberg MJ, Shea KG, Weiss JM, Carter CW, Talwalkar VR, Schwend RM.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e241-e244. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001295.
  PMID: 30839471 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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4. Is Anteromedial Drilling Safe in Transphyseal Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Adolescents with Growth Remaining?
  Mathew S, Ellis HB, Wyatt CW, Sabatino MJ, Zynda AJ, Dennis G, Wilson PL.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e278-e283. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001289.
  PMID: 30702639 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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5. Bilateral Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: Does Closed Reduction Have a Role in Management? Outcome of Closed and Open Reduction in 92 Hips.
  Tennant SJ, Hashemi-Nejad A, Calder P, Eastwood DM.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e264-e271. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001297.
  PMID: 30475320 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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6. Retrograde Stainless Steel Flexible Nails Have Superior Resistance to Bending in Distal Third Femoral Shaft Fractures.
  Hubbard EW, Thompson RM, Jo CH, Pierce WA, Riccio AI, Wimberly RL.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e258-e263. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001301.
  PMID: 30451812 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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7. Operative Reduction for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: Epidemiology Over 16 Years.
  Nelson SE, DeFrancesco CJ, Sankar WN.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e272-e277. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001292.
  PMID: 30451811 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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8. Recovery of Bone Mineral Mass After Upper Limb Fractures in Children and Teenagers.
  Maggio ABR, Martin X, Tabard-Fougère A, Steiger C, Dayer R, Delhumeau C, Ceroni D.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e248-e252. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001300.
  PMID: 30451810 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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9. Opioid Use Following Operatively Treated Pediatric Elbow and Femur Fractures.
  Meyer ZI, Krucylak P, Mo M, Miller ML, Wall LB.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e253-e257. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001290.
  PMID: 30431542 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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10. Early Onset Scoliosis: Is there an Improvement in Quality of Life With Conversion From Traditional Growing Rods to Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods?
  Bauer JM, Yorgova P, Neiss G, Rogers K, Sturm PF, Sponseller PD, Luhmann S, Pawelek JB, Shah SA; Growing Spine Study Group.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr;39(4):e284-e288. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001299.
  PMID: 30418406 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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