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1. Vitamin D Trends in the Pediatric Orthopaedic Population: A Survey.
  Williams K, Hughes D, Horan M.
  J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Apr 16. doi: 10.1097/BPO.0000000000001394. [Epub ahead of print]
  PMID: 30998583 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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2. Inter-rater reliability of the radiographic assessment of simple bone cysts.
  Cho S, Yankanah R, Babyn P, Stimec J, Doria AS, Stephens D, Wright JG.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):226-235. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180140.
  PMID: 30996749 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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3. Dimensions of the paediatric femur: anatomical limitations of flexible intramedullary nailing.
  Lucak T, Raju S, Andrews A, Igbokwe L, Heffernan MJ.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):220-225. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180194.
  PMID: 30996748 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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4. Increasing rates of surgical treatment for paediatric tibial shaft fractures: a national database study from between 2000 and 2012.
  Kleiner JE, Raducha JE, Cruz AI Jr.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):213-219. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180163.
  PMID: 30996747 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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5. Positional disappearance of motor evoked potentials is much more likely to occur in non-idiopathic scoliosis.
  Rizkallah M, El Abiad R, Badr E, Ghanem I.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):206-212. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180102.
  PMID: 30996746 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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6. Treatment of early onset spinal deformities with magnetically controlled growing rods: a single centre experience of 30 cases.
  Studer D, Heidt C, B├╝chler P, Hasler CC.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):196-205. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180203.
  PMID: 30996745 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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7. Impact of tranexamic acid use on blood loss and transfusion rates following femoral varus derotational osteotomy in children with cerebral palsy.
  Nazareth A, Shymon SJ, Andras L, Goldstein RY, Kay RM.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):190-195. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180143.
  PMID: 30996744 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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8. Comparison of gait with and without ankle-foot orthoses after lower limb surgery in children with unilateral cerebral palsy.
  Skaaret I, Steen H, Huse AB, Holm I.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):180-189. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.180146.
  PMID: 30996743 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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9. Comparing the Pemberton osteotomy and modified San Diego acetabuloplasty in developmental dysplasia of the hip.
  Badrinath R, Bomar JD, Wenger DR, Mubarak SJ, Upasani VV.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):172-179. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.190004.
  PMID: 30996742 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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10. Reliability of the sourcil method of acetabular index measurement in developmental dysplasia of the hip.
  Maddock CL, Noor S, Kothari A, Bradley CS, Kelley SP.
  J Child Orthop. 2019 Apr 1;13(2):167-171. doi: 10.1302/1863-2548.13.190015.
  PMID: 30996741 [PubMed] Free PMC Article
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