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A Useful Surgical Technique for Retrieval of a Broken Guide Pin in the Midfoot.

J Foot Ankle Surg. 2013 Jul 18;

Authors: Roy SP, Lim CT, Tan KJ

Perioperative instrument breakage is not an infrequent occurrence, even for experienced surgeons. The most commonly reported instrument breaks in orthopedic procedures are drill bits, followed by Kirschner wires and cannulated guide pins. The reasons for failure include improper technique and repetitive use. The retrieval of broken hardware can be technically challenging, particularly if the fragment has become embedded in bone. Retrieval methods have been described for cannulated guide pin fragments in the hip; however, no specific techniques have been described for the retrieval of guide pin fragments embedded in the bones of the foot. In the present report, we describe a technique we have found useful for retrieval of a guide pin fragment that had broken off during a Lisfranc fracture repair 6 weeks earlier. The technique was used in a delayed situation; however, we believe it would be even easier to use during an intraoperative breakage.

PMID: 23871172 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]