AR Orthopaedic Goniometer

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How to measure with ARorthopaedicGoniometer

A successful integration of a medical goniometer with Augmented Reality technology.The app is not a simple goniometer, is an enhanced product assisting professionals


Range of motion by measuring angles is frequent need in every day clinical tasks during patient examinations by orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, physical therapists and veterinarians. Commonly used method is to measure manually with a classical goniometer the range of motion of a patients joint. Often these manual measurements are inaccurate and depend on the individual interpretation.
Augmented reality (AR) offers a novel method of blending virtual and real word. The measured angles with the advent of the augmented reality technology delivers accuracy and repeatability. Expensive motion capture data system offers Augmented Reality (AR) but this are a privileges of special costly scientific labs.
Apple developed and popularised (AR) Augmented Reality technology readily available for its devices, thus miniaturising expensive high tech labs inside your iPhone in front of you screen.
The AR orthopaedic GoniometerApp is medical software aimed for orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, physical therapists and veterinarians providing tool that allow doctors to:
-determine the most accurate possibly way, in live images directly from your the camera in space angles thus estimating easily range of motion. By marking three points though a ’ target cross’ in front of your screen, while seeing the joint of the patient in screen.
- spherical points of interest can be changed in the colour or size for better handling of the points and helping physician to deferentiate between two different measurements (flexion and extension).
-Angle values are printed sequentially after measurement on the screen, while you can continue measuring and choosing another set of three new points of interest, by easily ‘grabbing’ the last two points of measurement -without loosing their last positions. By ordering the patient to place his extremity in new position you can mark, while seeing the last measurement in space.
Save the measured values and results as a screenshot to the photo roll for later review or consultation.
Augmented reality offers precision and accuracy because points are taken in 3D space. During the test patients are not constrained by any device and have a total freedom of movement. The ability to integrate -regardless of the camera position - live imagery and measure the angles and estimating the range of motion concurrently makes the app a simple and useful tool in clinical setting.
In a busy everyday practice, measuring angles by the classic way namely classic orthopaedic goniometers , is time consuming and cumbersome. Orthopaedic goniometers must be not be physical present any more. The app offers a very convenient and accurate way to perform measurements of angles in space. The app is not a simple goniometer, is an enhanced product which helps to monitor objectively the course of the treatment and evaluate optimally joint motions. This App is particularly useful especially in clinical settings where you need a quick results without losing time.

All information received from the software output must be clinically reviewed regarding its plausibility before patient treatment! The ARorthopaedic Goniometer App indicated for assisting healthcare professionals. Clinical judgment and experience are required to properly use the software. The software is not for primary image interpretation.

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A successful integration of a medical goniometer with Augmented Reality technology.The app is not a simple goniometer, is an enhanced product assisting professionals

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