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IOS Fixator blends the iPhone/iPad’s touch screen with patient imaging to create a very impressive tool for pre-operative templating using the IOS fixation device.  The app consists of 2 sections.  First, the PDF user guides are available for the IOS fixation device and the STORM (Saffordshire orthopaedic reduction machine).  The second part of the app includes a templating program to use with the external fixator.  First, the user acquires an xray of the patient’s fracture (a sample is provided in the app).  Next, a sizing template is calibrated, and the user then outlines the fracture corners.  Once the fracture is contained, the fragment becomes “free” for the user to realign with the distal or proximal fracture fragment.  The final step provides template guides for the user to align with the newly reduced fracture image. Overall, the concept is impressive and well-execute.  Unfortunately, this app is only useful for providers who currently use the IOS fixator device.  An expansion to other types of external fixator or internal fixation devices would be impressive and very useful.  Nevertheless, the ability to manipulate a fracture from your iPhone or iPad is likely a taste of future emerging technologies.

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