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How to measure Hip Biomechanics from simple X-Ray with the HipBiomechanicsApp from i-tunes

The app approximate true biomechanical conditions  in hip as realistically as possible Now we are able to predict the biomechanical effect on load and pressure of an operative procedure by computational means.


 Human hip is a biologic system that obeys purely mechanical laws. The main concern of the orthopedic surgeon especially those treating the dysplatic hip is to improve the biomechanical status of the joint. To accomplish this, the surgeon must be familiar with the biomechanics of the hip. Because of the complexity of biomechanical analysis (trigonometric functions, etc.) is almost impossible to calculate  in everyday settings, forces acting on the hip, the directions in which they act, and the associated stresses that develop within the joint. With measurements by the App and having numerical data it is possible to evaluate the efficacy  or even predict it of the various procedures not on the basis of experience any more. 

The Hip Biomechanics App is medical software aimed for orthopaedic surgeons, providing tools that allow doctors to:

-Securely import medical images directly from the camera or stored photos.

-By marking certain points in a simple standard AP pelvic radiograph, geometric parameters are being calculated. The App computes weight-bearing contact surface, the load (R) and stress (P) on the measured hip. 

Data from load and pressure distribution in the hip - like in a real biomechanicals tests- are being measured and depicted graphically as vectors over the X-ray  in the screen over the joint. The distribution also of compressive stresses over the acetabulum, which is usually associated radiographic sclerosis over the acetabular margin, are printed in real time over the screen and thus can be easily and  objectively evaluated. Besides that, the App provides data in export for diagrams of load (R) pressure (P), which  each can be plotted as a curve allowing easy comparison with normal data and thus help decide the orthopaedic surgeon which procedure is objectively indicated.

-The data are printed over to screen so each case can easily assessed 

-Save the planned images, for later review or consultation. Data are exported as txt file, ready to print or to input as cells to numbers or excel ready for chart printing and further research.


The software is a class II medical device in the FDA. All information received from the software output must be clinically reviewed regarding its plausibility before patient treatment! Hip Biomechanics App indicated for assisting healthcare professionals. Clinical judgment and experience are required to properly use the software.The software is not for primary image interpretation.

The app coverts a standard pelvic X-ray from a simple image into an accurate biomechanical analysis study, involving a calculation of the joint load and pressure. In clinical settings easily assessments of hip load and pressure may help planning operations, modify or monitor objectively treatment strategies in a effort to improve hip biomechanics. 

The sound  build-in computational methods of the app allows in a blink of an eye in 

front of your screen to do complex biomechanical studies.  This App is particular useful in clinical settings where you need a quick results without losing time, in a busy everyday practice. Please see tutorial videos at the developer’s web site www.orthopractis.com




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The app approximate true biomechanical conditions  in hip as realistically as possible Now we are able to predict the biomechanical effect on load and pressure of an operative procedure by computational means.  

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