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This app is a mobile orthopaedic guide that includes physical exam tests and mobilizations.  Although the app can be downloaded for free, only a limited number of exam tests (Ankle & Foot) and mobilizations (Knee & Lower Leg) are available.  An in-app purchase of $9.99 (Special tests) or $5.99 (Mobilizations) is required to unlock all features.  The app includes 170 special physical exam tests, separated by body part.  For example, rotator cuff tests are divided by muscle, and subscapularis tests include lift-off (Gerber), internal rotation lag, belly press, belly-off, and bear-hug.  Each test includes a picture demonstrating the test, a brief description of the technique and interpretation, and Stat/Ref which summarizes the clinical evidence supporting the test’s sensitivity, specificity, and +/- liklihood ratios (with references provided).  The mobilizations section includes 88 techniques images and descriptions. Overall, the app is best designed for medical students or junior residents who are learning the orthopaedic physical exam and special tests.  The images are good, but the descriptions are not as detailed as other apps that include video examples and expanded test properties and references.  However, at such an affordable price (only $9.99 for special tests), this app may be a good choice.

iPhone Free* Download
iPad Free* Download
Android Free or $14.99 Lite (Free), Download

*In-app purchase of $9.99 (Special Tests) or $5.99 (Mobilizations) required to unlock all regions.

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