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Functionality: 4+
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CORE has set the standard for a clinical exam app.  Divided by body part, body region, alphabetical, favorites, or search – the app contains a database of nearly 250 clinical tests which includes a purpose, instructions, video demo, and test properties.  The most striking feature of this app, in addition to the vast collection of tests and videos, is actually the “properties” tab.  For every test, data is presented regarding the sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratio, accuracy and other relevant statistical tests based on primary literature references.  These lists are incredibly complete.  For example, the hip impingement test lists 10 primary sources with their respective sensitivities and specificities using the impingement test to detect labral tears.  In addition, by selecting the primary references the user is directed to the full literature source with the abstract text.  This is a feature that I have not seen replicated by any other orthopaedic reference.  In the basic version of the app, the videos are not contained within the app, but rather link to YouTube videos that can be emailed/shared with colleagues. However, for an in-app purchase of $7.99 all videos can be downloaded to the device (about 1GB of data).  Tests can be marked as a “favorite” and quickly reviewed at a later time.  Unfortunately, the search feature was not ideal.  When I searched “grind” there were “no results” but when I searched “Apley” I was provided with Apley’s Grind Test; however, this function is easily improved in a future update.  This app seems ideal for a medical student with an interest in musculoskeletal medicine (PM&R, sports medicine, or orthopaedic surgery) or a junior resident in any of these fields.  Overall, a very complete and useful app for trainees.

To learn more about this app, as well as others by the same developers, check out their website at

iPhone $39.99* Download
iPad $39.99* Download
Android $39.99* Download

*In-app purchase of $7.99 allows for native video within the app (>1GB data).

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